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Hurricane IDA knocks out power in New Orleans

Forecasters in the United States are warning of a potentially catastrophic tidal surge on the Gulf Coast as a result of hurricane IDA. The hurricane which has now been downgraded to a tropical storm swept ashore from the Gulf of Mexico as a category 4 storm. It made landfall in the state of Louisianasiana before moving Inland over Mississippi. The entire city of new orleans was left without power and it could be weeks before it’s restored in many places. Now that the height of the storm has passed a clearer picture is emerging of the devastation hurricane IDA left behind.

It was crazy, it was scary, it was really windy and a lot of trees had fell and power lines they had sparks of power lines everywhere. It was horrible man. On the same day 16 years ago hurricane Katrina devastated new Orleans as a category 4 storm IDA lashed across Louisiana and Mississippi with ferocious winds that knocked out power for hundreds of thousands of roof.

People got nothing for those who can’t afford to move to higher ground. The damage and the loss is always much worse rapidly rising water chased those who couldn’t evacuate up to their attics. Where they called and texted to be rescued. President Joe Biden has called IDA a life-threatening storm and declared Louisiana a major disaster area. Federal help is on its way. Thousands of people out right now with high water vehicles and boats who are doing search and rescue. They have dozens of helicopters up Louisiana’s governor is asking neighbors to look in on each other until more help arrives.


They are just finally beginning to understand the scope of the damage keep in mind. Many of these areas are completely inaccessible. There’s trees in the ground vegetation blocking paths a lot of places near the coast are still washed out with surge that has made roots completely impassable. It’ll be a little while before they fully understand. But already more than 90 percent of new Orleans completely without power. There are areas that are just in shambles right now and not just mobile homes well-constructed buildings have been tattered by the wind and decimated by surge. So it’s a multi-faceted really a damaged signature that they have seen. Unfortunately it’ll take a long time to start picking up the pieces even before folks can just get back into New Orleans without having to worry about really danger in their neighborhoods. There have been warnings of a possible catastrophic tidal surge there in the Gulf. The weather system continues to move Inland.


It’ll be a really a long time before things get back to where the way they were beforehand and some places will likely forever be altered. But those communication hurdles are a biggie. The electricity a problem too you can’t really do too much if you don’t have electricity. So, residents who did evacuate can’t come back yet and start cleaning up because if they come back there’s no running water, there’s no electricity. It’s tough to find gasoline and so all these people are displaced and can’t come home.

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1 Comment

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