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ICC Cricket WorldCup 2021 updates- Indian Cricket Stadiums list

ICC Cricket WorldCup 2021 updates- Indian Cricket Stadiums list

The ICC Cricket World Cup is a tournament that is as much as a topic of conversation as it is a sporting event. In fact, the previous tournament set records for being the largest single-sport event to have ever been hosted by a single country — shattering both television and online viewership numbers from previous tournaments and making it by far the most popular and profitable event in cricketing history. As such, we can already expect that there will be great interest in where and when the next edition of the tournament will be held — and we’re happy to tell you!


When will the next cricket world cup be held?

The matches will start from 17 October to 14 November 2021. Each country entered three teams and even though only the top three went through to the semi-finals and final, overall revenues from the event were more than $11 million, which blew away anything previous ICC events have ever brought in. To read more from the ICC on the new ICC Cricket World Cup, head here.


What are the best stadiums in India for watching cricket?


There are five cricket stadiums in India that have a capacity of more than 60,000. These are: Eden Gardens in Kolkata, Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune, Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, Feroz Shah Kotla in New Delhi and the Sardar Patel Stadium in Ahmedabad.Let’s take a look at how each of these venues will host the quadrennial match up.


EM-DDK Stadium, Kolkata


This stadium was originally built as the stadium for the 1896 World Cup where India won the championship. It was later converted into a cycloneship-transport hub and opened to the public in September 2008. It has an capacity of 60,000 people and was the 30th largest stadium at the 2010 ICC World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. As part of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2012 in Australia, July 10 – July 13, EMDK staged a full class B match between India and South Africa in the capital city. An aspect of the International Cricket Council that will certainly help these matches attract a larger audience is the creation of eight specialist ICC centres around the world, including Kolkata. The centre of Kolkata will once again stage an exciting international event for the benefit of the city.


WAC-WCG Federation Stadium, Pune


The WAC-WCG is the most famous cricket stadium in India, though you may have heard of it just by watching Indian Premier League matches. The stadium has a capacity of 60,000 people. 555 million are estimated to have watched IPL matches at this venue. During the 2010 World Cup, the stadium hosted a five-match ODI series between India and England. It held 20,525 fans and was the 13th largest stadium at the inaugural ICC World Cup only a couple of years prior. As part of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2012 in Australia, July 10 – July 13, WAC staged a 10-over total five-match match between India & Australia in the capital city of Melbourne.

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