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ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021: Warm-up fixtures Schedules List

How Warm-Up Matches Help The Players To Adjust In Different Conditions

In a cricket match, there are many kinds of matches that get played. These include the practice matches, the test matches, the one day internationals and the T20 World Cup 2021 games. But all these games have one thing in common and that is a kind of warm up match before they start. The players get to play in the warm up matches so that they will be able to know how to play in a match when it comes to them.

The idea behind this is that every player should be able to adjust in different conditions easily because of this kind of practice.

T20WC 2021 Warm-Up Schedule – 1
Date Time (GST) Match City
12th Oct 2pm Papua New Guinea v/s Ireland Abu Dhabi
12th Oct 6pm Scotland v/s Netherlands Abu Dhabi
12th Oct 6pm Bangladesh v/s Sri Lanka Abu Dhabi
12th Oct 6pm Oman v/s Namibia Dubai
14th Oct 10am Bangladesh v/s Ireland Abu Dhabi
14th Oct 10am Sri Lanka v/s Papua New Guinea Abu Dhabi
14th Oct 10am Scotland v/s Namibia Dubai
14th Oct 10am Netherlands v/s Oman Dubai
T20WC 2021 Warm-Up Schedule – 2
Date Time (GST) Match City
18th Oct 2pm Afghanistan v/s South Africa Abu Dhabi
18th Oct 2pm Pakistan v/s West Indies Dubai
18th Oct 6pm New Zealand v/s Australia Abu Dhabi
18th Oct 6pm India v/s England Dubai
20th Oct 2pm England v/s New Zealand Abu Dhabi
20th Oct 2pm India v/s Australia Dubai
20th Oct 6pm Pakistan v/s South Africa Abu Dhabi
20th Oct 6pm Afghanistan v/s West Indies Dubai

The ICC World Twenty20 tournament is upon us once again, and with it comes lots of excitement, live coverage from across the world, and a chance to see some of your favourite players in action. In this article, we take a look at some warm-up games that you might not be watching on TV but are still important to watch.

1. Warm-up games are the best games to watch before a tournament.

Before a big match, it’s good to watch a warm-up game. It’ll give you an idea of how the players are likely to play in the real match, so you know what to expect.You’ll also be able to brush up on the etiquette expected during match play in the most helpful way possible.

  • Armed with a tape measure
  • No Preparation Necessary

Match Preparation: A good warm-up game will get your positioning, bat and ball-handling all set before the match begins. You should prepare for each of the two matches by rounding up all your equipment for the day(s). Carrying balls and launching tees is one thing, but getting your bags packed and ready to go is another matter entirely. Nobody wants to leave home with a half-empty bag of balls and a dying bat sticking out of your bottom pocket. Even if your bag has a big basket and plenty of space to stuff the things in, it’s unlikely the things will fit when they’re packed. To avoid your stuff spilling, spend some time before the match unwrapping your goodies and making sure each item is at its maximal size before putting it in the bag; if it’s not, put it in your long sleeve pocket until you get to the game. Having a tape measure on hand is great to ensure you’re measuring at the center of your body, rather than the ends of your legs or feet.

  • Armed with a bat

Fizzy, scary, GIF-able, and definitely confusing; a good bat is all that more reason you should get your stuff together and bring it with you to the game. If you’re a part of the ICC, you’ll need an ICC approved bat. If you’re not, then get ready to connect to the internet and launch a bat for the first time in your life. You’ll probably swing wildly and miss the target, which is worse than if you didn’t swing at all.


2. A list of warm-up games for you to pick your favourite teams and players.

The more you play a sport, the better you’ll get. That’s why it’s important to have a few games under your belt before you take on a new challenge. Here are 10 of the games from the ICC World Twenty20 2021 that you shouldn’t miss.

For all the live cricket action, watch the games using Foursquare or follow all the action straight from the ICC website.

1. Papua New Guinea v/s Ireland

Taking on Ireland is always an exciting prospect for any cricket fan. When they’re touring a country, the entire population shows up to watch their team and cheer on their adventure. Great games involve some great players, and there’s a chance of rain on the fourth day of the match between England and New Zealand at Kingston-upon-Thames. Read the full line-up and timeshape here.

2. Scotland v/s Netherland

Well, the weather is nice in Abu Dhabi, and the pitch at the MCG is probably the least intimidating of any pitch in the world. So, you know these games are probably going to be exciting, right? Not quite. Scotland are touring the country of England, and earlier in 2015 witnessed a thriller that saw India take a lead as early as ten runs. Cricket contains a lot of history, so you’ll also be having to remember not to throw your bat (or miss it altogether) — no matter who is batting.

3. Bangladesh v/s Ireland

Umpires call what they call “errant turns,” and there have certainly been a few in this series between these bitter rivals. There hasn’t been one this many years, but usually some sort of incident comes up that throws the game off. The last time there was one of these delays, Abu Dhabi needed almost forty minutes to find their next wicket.

Cricket is known to be a sport where teams rely on their batting, bowling and fielding capabilities. But these three aspects of the game are very important only if the team starts off well. For this reason, preparing for matches is an integral part of cricketing culture. Every cricketer knows that real practice doesn’t begin until the team has played at least two warm-up matches before an important tournament or match begins. See this article for more information about why warm-up matches are so vital to winning cricket games!

1. Why warm-up matches are important for cricket teams

A warm-up match is an important match for a cricket team before a tournament. When a team is playing in a tournament, they will play a lot of matches and they’ll play against different teams.They have to prepare themselves in a way that allows them to beat any team at any given time.

For example, in recent tournaments, the Australian team has played against all 3 types of teams to prepare for this very eventuality. They play against the top ranked cricket teams like England, New Zealand, and South Africa to build the skillset and toughness to compete at the highest level. Here is how they prepare for their warm-up matches.

Each team has its own warm up match. Perhaps the typical tool for preparing an individual for practice is running. For example, in the cricketing world, this is one of the four main forms of physical preparation before a match or tournament. There are other methods like stretching, swimming, and basketball — but these are the common elements in most team warm up matches.

In the same spirit, a team warm up match is a way for the team to breathe, stretch, and prepare themselves mentally for a match or tournament. It is also a fairly brutal physical process as well, which a batsman will go through several times in his career. But both players and teams get a mental boost from the process, which prepares them mentally for their match.

What does a good warm-up match entail?

First of all, warm-up matches generally don’t last more than two hours. Think of it as having a workout in the morning. During the warm-up match, you’ll probably do a number of different things.

These include, but are not limited to, bowling, fielding, and starting the game.

To truly understand the importance of a good warm-up match, you need to know how to implement these aspects into your game.


2. The importance of warm-up matches

The most important thing to remember about warm-up matches is that they’re not the same as the big matches. The pressure of a big match is different, and if you try to replicate that pressure in your warm-up matches, then you’ll just be building up anxiety for the big matches.One area where practice really gets needed is practice fielding. If you’re playing first ball against a real opponent, or even if you’re practicing with some friends, it’s very difficult to catch the ball — and especially if you’re in the act of throwing it. But when you’re practicing with a rubber ball, from the moment you release the ball until it lands, you’re out of the act. Even if the ball hits the boundary or the pitch changes, the pressure of the situation is different, so there is a better chance that you’ll catch the ball. It can feel a little easier to invest the time to practice with a dummy ball, too, if it’s a real ball — and practicing with real balls is almost always the best way for a beginner to learn a new skill. See this article for more detail on how to pitch a baseball, and other baseball related articles for more details.

But when I was a beginner cricketer, I learned batting with a tennis ball, and it took me quite a long time to learn it! Up until that time, I’d thought that practicing with a real ball, with real grass or sand or dirt, was the way to perfect my game. It didn’t hurt that it was fun and I could do it whenever I wanted, but practice with a good coach is essential for absolutely every sport, and is particularly important when learning any new skill like cricket.

Training with a back-up plan for common situations is always a great thing to have for yourself, no matter what your skill level is.


3. How to effectively use warm-up matches

In the competitive world of tennis, the warm-up match is a crucial part of building up to a big match. It’s a chance to get your body warmed up and ready to go, as well as a chance to test out your equipment and play a match before a big tournament or match.Also serves as a dress rehearsal for your match.

Batsman – The Lincolnshire County Cricket Association (LCA) has an official batboy! He is located in the grounds surrounding the Knights Arms ground in Lincolnshire, England. The batboy rides a pulled horse and dressed in official LCA regalia. Bowling – So if you see a bowler on the field, chances are they are also a wicket keeper. Their job is to go onto the field and fetch the ball and bring it back to the wickets. After that, they must bowl the ball to a batsman in order for the batsman to score a run. They follow strict guidelines that their aim is to bring the ball on a gentle disturbance and score a boundary one way or the other. They are under constant pressure to succeed and frequently get “called upon” by the batsman if the match is tied up or any little thing goes wrong in the field. Finally, they must bring the winning run into the dugout with whatever technique they have from the previous game. Finally, they fix any mishaps that could have gone either ways before the winning runs are allowed to score.

icc 2021 world cup

Stumps – Come out of your dugout and start relaxing. There’s nothing like seeing your team take the field for their next match. Stumps are the most iconic part of the cricket playing field and are located near the boundary lines. There are usually multiple stumps and each team will have their own specific stump and viewing area.

Pitching – As a bowler, visiting your opposition during the match is a must. The pitch is located just outside the boundary lines and is around 200-300 feet outside the boundary.


4. What you should keep in mind before a match

You should remember that a first date is a lot like a job interview. You’re trying to impress the other person, so you want to have a good time but you also want to make sure you’re being a good date. To be a great date, remember to: 1) Show up on time. 2) Have a good attitude.(I use lotion on my dates!) 3) Have a decent outfit, and the last thing that matters is how well you actually look! – Most importantly, have a great time. You may feel pressure or stress about getting a good result in the match, but don’t allow that pressure to keep you from banging out a hundred!You can also follow the above advice for your first date. Spending the time to prepare and perform is part of the process of making a first date successful. If you even get a “match win” or “match tied”, that’s great. But you’re just getting started. If you want to have a relationship that lasts, you have to keep building that relationship. And when you’re just getting started, a lot of your dating success will stem from simply being a great person to be around. Contribute to your local community as a volunteer or a cricketer. Give back to your community where you play, by giving groceries to the team on game days. Representative of your team might be an office manager, marketing crew member or even a physio. Ask them about their personal life, their hobbies and personality. Get to know other things about them besides what baseball players do in the batting order. Don’t just focus on the ball and the ground; try to see what else is going on in your date’s life. Teammates, high school rivalries, girlfriends, parents, uncles, cousins, job responsibilities, and poor decision making are not the point of cricket matches.

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