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Imran Khan set a great example of patriotism

The precious watch given by Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman was deposited in the national treasury.

Muhammad bin Salman had given Imran Khan a valuable watch company watch worth Rs 16.5 million as a gift. According to the law, Imran Khan could have kept the watch by paying 10% of the value of the watch, but instead of keeping the watch with him, the Prime Minister deposited it in the national treasury.

image : The News

Yousuf Raza Gilani was given a precious necklace by the Turkish President in 2010 which was lost. However, Asif Raza Gilani later admitted that he had the defeat.

But Imran Khan has set a new example of patriotism and deposited the precious watch given by the Saudi era Muhammad bin Salman in the national treasury.

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