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India › 12yr-old dies of Nipah in Kerala

In India The central team has been rushed to kerala after a 12 year old boy died due to Nipah virus infection in the state’s koi code district the mangalam ward koikote where the boy hails from has been under locked down that’s the latest news that we’re going to right now about nipah virus being detected in kerala a 20 year old boy died from the infection in the state prompting the center to send a team to kerala to investigate the spread of the virus.

its origins that’s the latest news that we’re getting to you this morning of the central team rushing to kerala after nipa virus case was detected a young boy a 12 year old boy died from the virus in koi court district in kerala well that’s the latest news that we’re getting you offer nipah virus in kerala right now the situation is alarming.
the word from where the boy has healed from at that particular award chat among what number nine has been completely barricaded police have completely shut out all traffic movements and that particular award has been completely barricaded also instructions have been sent to neighboring districts by the health minister enabling district with kandor and malappuram to stay alert.

now this has happened after all the free results of the test where the plasma test the the cerebrospinal fluid testing as well as the serum test all done from the national biology institute has turned positive so the state is on high level minister is calling a high level delegation meeting today at 12th at the court itself and she confirmed also confirmed that and has all the isolation has completely been done and the primary contacts have been identified

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