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India 9-year-old Raped, Murdered & forcibly cremated

India:●  A shocking story a 9 year old girl has allegedly been raped and murdered In India. Rape cases are became common in India
india rape cases
Her body forcibly cremated by her attackers in Delhi who includes a priest of a local cremation ground and three of his accomplices the mother of the girl who had gone looking for her this nine-year-old girl had actually just gone to collect water because there was no water in the slum that they were living in.

The mother who went looking for her says that she reached only when the girl’s body was burnt only her feet were left a massive protest in India’s capital after the alleged gang rape murder and forced cremation of a nine-year-old girl inside a cremation ground in south west Delhi’s Nangal area.

On sunday all four accused now under arrest work at the same crematorium the main accused is the priest the child who died was the daughter of scrap collectors and had gone to the crematorium to fetch drinking water because there was none available at her house.

According to her family the girl went to collect water around 5 30 p.m an hour later the accused called her mother to the crematorium the priest told the mother the girl died from electrocution near the water cooler and tried to convince her to cremate the body soonest at 7:30 pm the accused allegedly started the cremation but the mother ran home and informed the relatives who rushed to the crematorium.

The police say the accused have been booked the incident sparked political outrage with the opposition demanding strict action Abhishek Banerjee tweeted calling home minister Amit Shah insensitive the Delhi police reports to the home ministry other politicians visited the area to meet the family members and arrested all the accused however it remains to be seen that what all will be revealed in the police investigation in the alleged gang rape and murder case of the nine-year-old victim in southwest delhi but there is still anger on the streets and demand for justice by the parents and the relatives of the victim.

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