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India Is Directly Involved In Lahore Blasts

Pakistan says India was behind June bomb blast in Lahore

Pakistan says india was directly involved in the lahore blast on the 23rd of june that left three people dead and 24 wounded national security adviser dr moeed yousef was addressing a press conference alongside the punjab police chief and information minister Fawad chaudhry yusuf said pakistan’s security agencies have concrete evidence and intelligence that points direct indian sponsorship of terrorism he said forensic analysis suggests the involvement of indian intelligence agency raw in the terror attack yousef added that the main mastermind of the incident is an indian citizen associated with raw he said india’s use of territory and people of third countries is not new adding that pakistan has been consistently reminding the world of indian actions.
Pakistan says India was behind June bomb blast in Lahore
The indian involvement in terrorism is not new it has been going on for many years we think in fact in a article that  the 2001 attack on the indian parliament was also engineered by indian raw and the blame was put in pakistan so it goes back many years however now it has become a quite a big concerted program of sponsoring terrorism in pakistan and the latest evidence is that of the lahore bomb blast where on 23rd of june where we know a very a vehicle carrying very heavy load of gun powder and ammunition was blown up near the house of a targeted political person so the indian involvement needs to be exposed and we think dr muid yusuf’s press conference along with the presence of the information minister mr Fawad chaudhary has done that they have exposed the entire incident and all the details that has that have been unearthed by our agencies and our law enforcement officials in linking them the mastermind and in exposing the mastermind and showing his links with indian raw the indian spy agency so there is unincontrovertible evidence of of indian involvement in this entire incident and then india was exposed recently by the EU this info lab which is a you know neutral body and has nothing to do with this region but they have exposed fake indian NGOs indian wire services and indian fake organizations which have all been carrying out all kinds of fifth generation warfare of disinformation and of promoting nefarious activities in pakistan so india is acting highly irresponsibly and it needs to be exposed and then the international community should be one should demand of the international community that it should immediately take this matter up with the indians we should not do it through the security council which is highly politicized but we should take up with individual countries the very fair request of their intervention in the matter to prevent the destabilized destabilization of this region.
Now the most familiar and undeniable face of india’s state sponsorship of terrorism against pakistan is called what role can the international community play to stop india from sponsoring and financing terrorist activities in pakistan. The international community has to impress upon india that it must act responsibly as a member state of the inter  united nations and as a member of the international community and it should not do things which would be a destabilizing for our region because in this atmosphere of all kinds of unstable factors that are at play particularly due to the american withdrawal from afghanistan the the indian actions of this kind have further aggravated the situation and then miss.
Dr. Yusuf, also spoke about these reports of drone flight so in kashmir and also one here in islamabad and said that this is all fake there are no such drone  flights known drones moving about in these areas and india is trying to divert attention by creating these reports which are totally baseless and false.
india’s state sponsorship of terrorism in pakistan will negatively affect the Afghan peace process, it would negatively affect the iran peace process and the efforts to restore peace and stability in afghanistan it would also affect bilateral relations between india and pakistan it would create more tension and india should be mindful of the fact that china is also interested in the peace and stability of the region and would look at this.
We should take it up with the chinese government and point out to them and share with them our findings and point out to them what india has been doing and what it did in on june 23rd.

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