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Indian Military Siege of IIOJK

The Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
The current situation that prevails there Narendra Modi on the defenseless Kashmiris in terms of direct violence as well as through blatantly tearing apart all the international laws including international humanitarian law and the resolution of united nations security council the kashmiris are gloriously paying homage to the young freedom fighter Burhan Muzaffarwani on his fifth martyrdom anniversary on this occasion.
Th president of Azad Jammu and kashmir Masoud Khan urged the united nations to stop the state terrorism unleashed by occupying forces in.
The indian illegally occupied jammu and kashmir in modi’s terrorists tinted regime the atrocities against fenceless kashmiris have aggravated exponentially according to the association of parents of disappeared persons and jamming kashmir coalition of civil society in german kashmir there were eight thousand enforced or involuntary disappearances in three decades.
The ratio of these disappearances intensified in 2021 and 18. In modi’s regime the extrajudicial killings of civilians in india occupied kashmir increased with every passing year with 53 killings in 2014, 116 . 2021 80 in 2019 above 32 in 2020 and 57 in 2021 up till now.
Foreign office spokesperson said Fawad chaudhary told that during a recent meeting between the organization of Islamic cooperation secretary general and the indian ambassador to Saudi Arabia.
The former had underscored the organization’s principled position on the Jammu and kashmir dispute earlier in november 2020 he categorically rejected India’s unilateral actions since 5th of august 2019.
He demanded india to withdraw its illegal actions and respect the inalienable right of the kashmiri people to self-determination as promised by numerous United Nations security council.

Last Month Modi aslo arranged a meeting about Kashmir.
The indian occupation authorities in Kashmir are order to submit the indians occupation illegal occupation occupied kashmir but the meeting which that which took place between them the outcome of that meeting as we know that Modi wanted to legalize all those illegal actions which the indian government has done for  last two years in kashmir.
Especially after revoking the article 375 and 370 of the indian constitution and then enacting so many laws in order to change the demographic of kashmir and to make kashmiri’s home less landless and jobless.
To get more and more hindus to the Kashmir and in order to suffer to sophomize the kashmir and the net result of that meeting was that india wanted to have that delimitation of the assembly constituencies in kashmir and after that to have the elections in kashmir and that is also polite by the modi government to increase the seats in the assembly that legislative assembly of kashmir in order to give more seaters to so-called rule cost and shadow tribes and the also create some constituencies for Kashmiri pundits and Kashmir and that by to decrease the number of Kashmiri Muslims in the assembly.

Their so-called assembly this was the total outcome of that meeting and this also says one of the failures of the Modi government that it was this government when they put all these people behind the bars on 5th of august said, that “We Will end the the family rule in kashmir We will have the development in kashmir”.

The modi government has failed in Kashmir.
Kashmiris put a very brave resistance and they are putting it and that forced Modi to go back.

If we see that the the the Jammu massacre of 1947 was also an of an effort to change the demographics of Jammu and Jashmir and at that time those radicals were quite successful in changing the demography of jammu region and turning it into an hindu majority region.
But we all know that demo genocide by Hindu radicals is one of the most least reported or genocides of the history and it is one of the most volatile and brutal genocide in times. So India knows that this is how they can affect the Kashmir conflict and and we all know that india tries to follow israeli model of occupation so changing demographic reality is one of the lessons they have.

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