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Indo-Pacific AUKUS alliance causes anger in France and EU

The United States, Britain and Australia have formed a strategic defence deal for the Indo-pacific region. The country’s leaders say the alliance will help them better share defense capabilities. But china sees things differently Beijing criticized the new deal as damaging regional stability and France was also left fuming describing the pact as a stab in the back flanked by the British and Australian leaders. U.S president Joe Biden announced the pact. The United States, Australia and United Kingdom have long been faithful and capable partners.


They are taking historic step to deepen and formalize cooperation among all three of our nations because they all recognize the imperative of ensuring peace and stability in the Indo-pacific over the long term for the UK. The alliance is an important post-brexit step. They will have a new opportunity to reinforce Britain’s place at the leading edge of science and technology strengthening their national expertise perhaps most significantly.


The UK, Australian and the U.S will be joined even more closely together. China was the elephant in the room none of the leaders mentioned the country by name. But Beijing’s increasingly turbulent relationship with Canberra and China’s influence in the region are thought to be the main reasons for the pact. Australia says it will now get nuclear-powered submarines. The first major initiative of orcas will be to deliver a nuclear-powered submarine fleet for Australia over the next 18 months. They will work together to seek to determine the best way forward to achieve this. But this is angered France.


The Australian Navy signed a major deal with France in 2021 – 202 to build a new fleet of submarines that deal worth some 55 billion Euros to the French is now off. The French foreign minister described the move as a stab in the back and against the spirit of cooperation. China slammed the new security deal saying it would only destabilize the region. The export of highly sensitive nuclear submarine technology by the United States and Britain to Australia shows once again they will use nuclear exports as part of a geopolitical game. It’s a double standard and it’s highly irresponsible.



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