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Indo-Pacific QUAD alliance holds first in-person meeting

China has built in recent years ownership of the Islands reefs and built up sandbanks in the South China sea and East China sea is disputed several states claim the Islands for their rich fishing grounds. Possible oil deposits and strategic locations there have been showdowns.


Vietnam says this is one of its boats being rammed by a Chinese vessel on the open sea and Filipinos have protested a Chinese law authorizing. Its coast guard to destroy other country structures on Islands. It claims just a few reasons why one of China’s Indo-Pacific neighbors decided. It needs to act last week Australia sealed a deal to build nuclear-powered submarines with state-of-the-art U.S and British technology. Orcas is born a new enhanced trilateral security partnership between Australia the United Kingdom and the United States. China responded immediately and sternly Australia is solely responsible for the difficult situation of current Chinese, Australian relations. Australia must correctly recognize the reasons for setbacks in the two countries ties and think carefully whether to treat. China as a partner or a threat. Other reactions were mixed strengthening defence cooperation between the U.S, Britain and Australia is important for peace in the Indo-Pacific.


The decision should not disturb the situation in the region. But given the region’s disputes and military buildups more disturbances seem practically assured lots to unpack. The orcas is primarily a security pack. The quad has a much broader remit. So, they have to see the orcas and quad as complementary and not competitive initiatives from the meeting on Friday. A few announcements around the three working groups that were created in the last meeting around. Vaccines where the quad is on track to deliver one billion doses to the Indo-Pacific by next year on critical technologies on climate change.

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1 Comment

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