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Indonesia : Robot is helping people to battle with covid-19

In Indonesia university lecturers have developed a robot that delivers food and good wish messages to people in covid-19 isolation.

This robot is helping Indonesians pass through the testing times of the pandemic by providing food and entertainment to self-isolated kobit 19 patients. It has been assembled from electric household items like pots pans and an old television monitor renamed the delta robot. After the highly contagious variant of the virus it has also been modified to spray disinfectants with this new delta variant and a certain number of covid-19 cases.

They decided to turn the robot used for public services into one that sprays disinfectant and delivers food and necessities to residents who are self-isolating. They are shifting the function to serve only the members of the community who are in need the village where the robot operates is in the surabaya which is the capital of east java province and Indonesia’s second biggest city.

It has been swept up by a devastating second wave of coronavirus infections. In the past month this robot is only implemented for use in the village. So, it is not classified as a high-tech robot. It is quite simple for the base a used toy car chassis was used then for the power. They used a battery for the movement. The commands are set through remote controller. They use an actuator system to create a signal to move the robot. Indonesia has become the epic center of Asia’s covid-19 outbreak and recorded more than 3.68 million infections. Meanwhile the country has suffered 1,08,000 deaths amid the outbreak.



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