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Indonesia’s covid-19 surge: could it get as bad as in India?

Covid-19 Situation In Indonesia-Daily Cases Surpass India

Indonesia’s COVID-19 situation is currently a worst case scenario according to a government minister. Earlier in the week the country surpassed india’s daily totals of corona virus cases registering more than 56 000. The uptick in cases has been blamed on the more infectious delta variant first identified in india worst hit are the islands of java and bali.

Indonesia's covid-19 surge: could it get as bad as in India? image by : DW

Some hospitals here are having to turn away patients because they don’t have capacity and enough oxygen. The government has imposed newer tougher restrictions to control the spread of the virus but for some it’s already too late. The last rites performed for a victim of indonesia’s new devastating wave of covid infections.

A team of volunteers support the police in retrieving the bodies of those who died at home and there are more and more of them. On the first day we only received a call for one death on the second day there were three deaths. But today a week after the group was formed there are seven. So, the situation is getting worse.
Indonesia's covid-19 surge: could it get as bad as in India?

Many of those who die at home simply weren’t able to get a hospital bed. The explosion in covid cases has left wards overflowing with patients. Some of them have to be treated in makeshift beds and hospital hallways. Experts say that the government failed to take adequate measures to prevent this crisis.

The government also reported that at cheltenham also everywhere in indonesia in most of the district hardly hit by the covid-19. We would say that this is more or less in your situation and maybe could be even worse and like in india two months ago. Oxygen here is also starting to run short with many covid patients being treated at home. There is huge demand at this oxygen filling station.

Around six percent of people in indonesia have been fully vaccinated but vaccine deliveries are finally picking up speed raising hopes that this latest explosion in cases can eventually be curbed. Now it’s become dominated because we find out the transmission is two times or double than before and also the increasing of fatalities. It means that this variant is very very dangerous because we cannot stop the pandemic, stop the transmission even in one person’s got the infection suddenly and all the member of the household will be also got infected and died.

The problem is the hospital cannot accept the new patients. Mostly is now people dying in their home and also dying in the emergency room right.

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