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5 Sites To Instagram Online Video Download [2021]

I’ve seen quite a few people asking about the ‘secret’ behind downloading Instagram videos to share elsewhere. It’s not much of a secret, but it is relatively unknown because Instagram doesn’t make it super easy to do so. You’ll have to use third party apps or websites to download your favourite videos from the social media platform. So, in this post I’ve put together everything you need to know about how you can download Instagram videos and start sharing them elsewhere.

List Of Sites To Download Instagram Videos

1. Download Instagram videos to your phone

If you want to watch videos on Instagram but don’t want to use up all of your data, there’s a quick and easy way to save them to your phone. While viewing a video, tap the three dots in the top right corner, and select “Download.” That will unzip the video and save it to your home screen. From there you can select a saved video and open it in another app, as before.
This method works from the desktop version of Instagram as well, but Android users may experience issues using this method. If that’s the case, split your video up into different folders or upload multiple videos to YouTube or Vimeo.
Make sure you keep a copy of this video to your phone before you delete it. This way you can access the videos from your own phone or tablet later on and share them accordingly.
As downloading videos to your phone is just a quick and easy method, there are also third party apps which let you do just that:
The Tom McDonald File In case you’re not familiar with TubeMogul, it’s a third party app which lets you download and share any video to your preferred destinations. There’s nothing fancy about it, it simply lets you download a video to your iPhone. You can use certain filters to maximise the image size, and it looks really slick. You can use the iPhone to preview videos and choose where it should go afterwards.
Instagram have introduced several filters with their VL, VSA and Vzaar apps. Some of the more commonly used filters include:
judge faces
OK, so now you have all of the videos you want on your phone; it’s time to start sharing them. There are two methods you should be using to push your content out to your maximum audience.

2. Save Instagram videos to your computer

If you want to save Instagram videos to your computer, there’s a way to do it. Instagram doesn’t allow you to save Instagram videos to your computer, but there’s a workaround. You can save any Instagram video you want to your computer by downloading a third-party app.Here are the steps I use to download thousands of photos from Instagram to my computer…
. Sign In to Instagram with a Google Account
Follow these steps to sign into your Google Account and create a new account. Don’t use the same account you use on Instagram; to download your videos to your computer you need to use a different Google account.
. Download All the Photos on Instagram for You
To download your Instagram photos, go to the top right of your screen when you are logged into your Google Account. Click on More Settings and then Select Download all. This will extract all the photos from your Account into a folder on your computer.
. Open a Downloaded File and Transfer it to a PC
Next, you need to open a downloaded file and transfer it to a folder on your PC.
. Save Your Instagram Videos to a.Zip File
Go to the folder where the file is.
. Plug the.Zip into a PC and Transfer the File Over
Plug the file you downloaded into your computer and then copy the.Zip file over. Don’t worry; you won’t lose anything by doing this. If you don’t know how to copy files, just go and watch this video tutorial…
. Open Your Instagram App and Select the Video (Files) in your Profile
Open the Instagram app. Tap on the user icon (the top right corner) to see a list of all the photos you’ve uploaded to your Instagram profile.
. Add Images to Your Profile
Tap on the image of the person you want to share this video with.

3. Download Instagram videos using the official app

Open the Instagram app on your phone, find the video you want to save, and tap the three dots in the top right corner of the video. Select “Save Video” to save the video to your camera roll. To watch the video, open the Photos app on your phone.Swipe up to the right to reveal Facebook.
Go to the Facebook page “View photos”. Download your desired video by tapping the button, and choose to place it in your camera roll with the share option at the bottom of the screen.
My favourite method of downloading Instagram videos to my camera roll is using third party apps.
You can download Instagram videos using either PAppVideo or FVAppVideo. Both are great apps. By downloading the video straight to your phone, you are headed off to the fouth party with your download, rather than being at the back of the queue.
Once you have downloaded the video, unzip the file and place it in the folder of your choice. I tend to put it either on my desktop or to my SD card so I can access it at all times.
Ok, so you’ve made an installation and have installed the app on your iPhone or Android phone. But what are we talking about here?!
I love to share a really cool video from a current or recent visit to Instagram! Make sure you scroll down the page for a massive list of videos to download. Start clicking one by one and pair them in order to download the videos straight to your phone. If you want to add more for later, simply tap the “+ Add Video” button for the page and add your URLs.
I’ve written about the best way to use this fantastic app on Twitter here.
Usage Instructions
To start the process, simply download the video you want to download by clicking the link in the top right corner to find the app where you can download the video.

4. Download Instagram videos using third-party apps or websites

Instagram videos disappear after 24 hours, which means if you don’t download them before they’re gone, you lose them forever. There are several third-party apps and websites that let you download Instagram videos and keep them for posterity.
Downloading videos to share them with your followers is fairly easy, some people like to use the Deezer application to consume their content. Many others prefer the Instavent app which works quite similarly but offers extra features and options. Check out my list below of 25 Best Instagram Tools & Resources for lots more tips and advice.
How To Download Instagram Videos
What are the different ways you can download Instagram videos?
You can download your videos either using third party applications or by transferring them to your computer’s harddrive.
Downloading videos to your computer is complicated because it requires quite a few different applications and extra steps. First you’ll want to make sure you can find the necessary files on your computer. If you can do this, you don’t need me to tell you what to do next. Follow the simple steps below and you should be able to download your Instagram videos.
If you’re not super familiar with installing third party applications, I recommend you read here to get your installation started. Don’t forget to make sure you have a strong internet connection, because downloading videos can take quite a while if you’re on a slow connection.
If you want to transfer your content to a harddrive, here is an excellent guide to doing this.
An alternative to downloading your Instagram videos to your computer is to use the Deezer application which allows you to consume your favourite content virtually. One of my all-time favourite features of the Deezer application is the ability to download videos to your iPhone, iPad or Android phone and convert it to MP4 or FLV (Hi-Res Video) format before transferring it over to your computer.

Conclusion: You can download your favourite video clips from the social media platform, but it’s not always easy to do so. Here are some ways that you can do it successfully.

It’s often super easy to download a video clip from a social media site, but it’s not always easy to do so. Here are some ways that you can download a video clip from a social media platform successfully. If you have an iPhone, you can use the iMovie app to download a video from Instagram or Vine.. Download a video clip from Instagram and save it to your computer (or wherever you want).
First of all, if you’re on a Mac you can use the same thing that I just explained for Mac users.. Firstly, go to and log in with your current Instagram account. Next, navigate to a post that you’d like to share and tap the little camera icon that’s underneath the post (you can find it on the bottom of any post or within the top left of Instagram).
. Select the video option and then press the spacebar to save the video clip. Then go to the same post on your computer and open up iMovie.. Once in iMovie, select the file that you just saved and press the fire button.
. Now that you have a video clip, let your friends and peers (Instagram users) know about it by reposting a link to it on your social media profile or by sharing it on your own social media profile. You can also send this link to any website by sending it through iChat.. Let your social media profile followers know about this awesome video clip by linking to it from within your profile.
. Next time that you’re sharing interesting Instagram videos, you can now share a link to this post from your social media profile.
To download a video clip from Instagram go to step 5.. If you do any of the steps above, ensure that both the file name and the folder path are the same as the screen capture from Instagram.hb class. You might also want to use the move container to make sure that the file name and folder path are presented in the same order.

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