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Italy to require all workers to show Covid-19 pass

Italy has become the first country in Europe to make it compulsory for all workers to have a covid green pass from Mid-october. Around 23 million people will need to prove they have been vaccinated have had a negative test or that they have recovered from the virus.


The measures designed to boost vaccine rates ahead of the winter flu season those who flout the rules face a big fine of up to eighteen hundred dollars and suspension mark lobel reports. It’s a bold move to boost jabs policing all workers in Italy as infections rise and with a third of the country not yet fully vaccinated. They make places safe. The green pass is an instrument of freedom. Also it makes the vaccination campaign more effective from the middle of next month.


All workers including the self-employed will need a green pass to prove they have been vaccinated show a negative test or prove they are recovering from the virus. Otherwise they face suspension from work. Their pay will be stopped after five days and fines of up to fifteen hundred Euros will be handed out. If staff are caught working without one the digital and paper certificates are already required in many parts of Italy including train stations, restaurants and schools. But these new measures are some of the toughest in Europe.


Therefore the fact that people who do not want to get vaccinated must be put in a position not to make others sick. Social factor of primary importance when there is an obligation they no longer live in a democracy. But in a dictatorship. In France vaccines are mandatory for health workers so far around 3,000 workers have been suspended from hospitals care homes and health centers for failing to comply.

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