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Jana Shostak screams for the Belarusian regime critics in Lukashenko’s prisons

Screaming for freedom

Once again belarusian artist ‘Jana Shostak‘ has taken up position outside warsaw’s european commission office flanked by two friends. She’s calling for a change in her homeland. She said that she is doing this for all belarusians who cannot raise their voices at home and she is screaming because they have been silent for the past 27 years and other activists want to draw attention to the grim situation in neighboring belarus.

Image : RFI

Just sending a text message or seeking psychological support is enough information to get you handed over to the militia. The 28 year old has lived in poland for 11 years. Last year, she returned to belarus for the presidential election hopeful that lukashenko’s rule would end. When the dictator controversially declared himself the winner of a highly contested election yana joined the anti-regime protests.

Taxi drivers were giving out meals to protesters but then more and more people were arrested and tortured. Most opposition leaders were either jailed or forced into exile back in poland. Jana began her near daily protest screams. She draw strength from every single person who has told her about their pain because they can’t make it public. She screams in their name and on their behalf. Thousands of belarusians have fled to poland in the past year where they receive support. Many of them are protesting against lukashenko and demanding the release of political prisoners like vanya and nastya’s parents.

For example, who were sentenced to five and a half years behind bars for collecting signatures and co-organizing protests in belarus. Jana tries to offer support yesterday and very often supportive individuals have had a hard time dealing with their parents absence that’s why yana shostak often visits the little ones and their grandmother hannah to be there with them in their dark times for the artist activist.

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1 Comment

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