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Jazz Internet Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2021

Jazz Internet Packages 2022

Jazz is a brand which was started by Warid Telecom Pakistan in 2013. Jazz offers 2G, 3G and 4G LTE services for all major operators in Pakistan. They started with 4G LTE network but later shifted to 3G and 2G as well. In addition to calling services, they also offer broadband internet service for home and businesses.

Jazz Pakistan Internet Packages [Latest]

Jazz is an Internet service provider (ISP) which provides broadband and telecom services. It was previously known as Paknet. It is a subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL). Jazz provides ISP and CDMA cellular services in Pakistan.


Jazz Daily Mobile Internet Packages

Package Data Price Activation
Daily Super 150 MB +
(1440 Jazz Mins
50 SMS)
Rs.17 *212#
Daily Mega 1 GB Rs.27 *117*4#
Daily Super Plus 500 MB DATA +
(500 Jazz Mins
5 Other Network Mins
500 SMS)
Rs.28 *558#
Daily Day Bundle 20 MB +
(300 Jazz Mins
300 SMS)
Rs.14 *340#

Pakistan Telecom companies are introducing new internet packages to attract the customers. Mobilink Jazz is one of the leading telecom companies in Pakistan which is providing great offers on its prepaid and postpaid packages. Mobilink Jazz has introduced many internet packages for the different categories of customers, which you can check below.Mobilink Jazz Daily internet packages are best for frequent internet users. We have a huge selection of daily internet packages for you to choose from. These daily packages are suitable for all types of usages. Whether you want to surf the internet, chat with your friends on social media, or just check out on whats happening around on Facebook or Instagram, these daily internet packages from Mobilink will help you to do that.

Jazz is one of the three mobile networks of Pakistan, providing voice and data services to its customers. Here at Jazz, we believe in providing more than just service. We bring internet packs designed to fit your lifestyle, with more data for less. Whether you’re a social butterfly or an online nomad, we’ve got you covered.

Packages are effective to save money while using internet. It is possible to save up to 50% on your internet bill. These packages are useful to increase the use of the internet for domestic and commercial purposes.The Jazz Daily packages are the most affordable internet packages by Mobilink. Jazz Daily offers 10GB/day at a price of Rs. 500 with a validity of 28 days. The internet speed is capped at 10 Mbps on this package, which is not bad considering the price.

Mobilink Jazz is the largest telecom operator in Pakistan with over 21 million subscribers. Mobilink Jazz has recently announced their new high-speed internet pack prices for all prepaid and postpaid customers.
How to get Mobilink Jazz daily internet package in Pakistan in 2021
• Subscribe to the daily internet package of your choice
• Download Jazz One App for Android/iOS
• Register on the app using your phone number, email address, and password.

Mobile Internet is a great way to stay connected on the go. It’s a mobile connection you can use through your phone, laptop or tablet which gives you access to the internet wherever you are.

Here are the best Mobile internet packages from Mobilink for the month of August 2022.Mobilink Jazz is a telecommunication service provider in Pakistan. Mobilink Jazz provides 3G and 4G internet services. To know more about Mobilink Jazz internet packages and offers, check out this article.Mobile phones also call mobiles, are more generally, communication terminals that allow us to communicate with our network and the rest of the world. Mobile phones take advantage of cellular technology and allow users to convert voice and text into digital signals and transmit them requires a cellular network.

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages [2021]

Package Data Price Activation
Monthly Premium 25 GB DATA (10 GB YouTube) +
250 All Network Mins
Rs.620 *919#
Monthly Super Duper 5 GB DATA +
(3000 Jazz Mins
150 Other Network Mins
3000 SMS)
Rs.680 *706#
Monthly Super Duper Plus 15 GB DATA +
(5000 Jazz Mins
300 Other Network Mins
5000 SMS)
Rs.1099 *707#
Monthly Hybrid 1 GB DATA +
(10000 Jazz Mins
50 Other Network Mins
1000 SMS)
Rs.500 *430#
Monthly Mega Plus 12 GB DATA
(6 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)
Rs.349 *117*30#
Monthly Supreme 20 GB DATA
(10 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)
Rs.499 *117*32#

The Internet is the biggest source of information in the world. So it’s natural to want to stay connected to the Internet, wherever you are. Mobilink Jazz provides a variety of Internet packages for a range of different data usage needs, from web browsing and social media to streaming movies and music.Mobilink has introduced its Jazz monthly internet package to give you high speed data at a very affordable price. This new internet plan will be available on the Jazz network and will be particularly beneficial for those customers who have low data usage and want a good deal on their monthly packages. The mobile industry in Pakistan has seen rapid expansion and growth over the past few years. With the current demand for data services, mobile operators are offering internet packages that are affordable and flexible, allowing more people to connect to the internet. Moreover, the mobile industry is also fulfilling its social responsibility by providing internet packages for schools and universities at very low prices, encouraging rapid growth of education sector in Pakistan.Mobilink is a telecommunication brand of Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) offers the most comprehensive Internet and landline services in Pakistan. For all the Internet users in Pakistan, Mobilink offers different internet plans to meet their different needs and budgets.

Similar to other Telecom operators Mobilink Jazz has also introduced several new monthly Internet packages for its prepaid and postpaid users. These new monthly packages are specially designed for internet browsing and for various uses. These packages offer unlimited MBs and calls for a month and the best part these Internet and voice packages can be used for multiple devices like Mobile, Tablet and Laptops.Mobilink is the second largest telecommunications company in Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s most advanced 3G/4G, fiber optic and GSM network with over 10 million subscribers. Mobilink has already crossed the market share of 50 percent in Pakistan. It is offering various internet packages to its customers for their daily usage.

Internet is the revolution of the modern era. It is the backbone of the economy and commerce, social networking, online entertainment etc. The advent of internet has changed the way we live. With the internet Packages, one can save a lot of money on their monthly internet bill. If you are living in Islamabad or Karachi, here is a complete list of all the Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages with its price and benefits.

Mobilink Jazz starting the new month of July with some good news for its customers that they can now buy three new monthly internet packs for both prepaid and postpaid users. This month Mobilink Jazz offers three new monthly internet packages at 990, 1399 and 1799 for prepaid users, while the postpaid subscribers can enjoy two new monthly internet packages at 1050 and 1950.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages [2021]
Package Data Price Activation
Weekly Super Max 30 GB ​DATA [10 GBs + 10 GBs (2 AM – 2 PM) + 10 GBs YouTube] +
(6000 Jazz Mins
60 Other Network Mins
6000 SMS)
Rs.299 506#
Weekly Extreme 25 GB DATA (12AM-12PM) Rs.75 *117*1#
Weekly Mega 7 GB Rs.179 *159#
Weekly Super Duper 3 GB+(1500 Jazz Mins
60 Other Network Mins
1500 SMS)
Rs.210 *770#
Weekly Super Plus 12 GB DATA
(6 GB 2AM – 2PM) +
(5000 Jazz Mins
70 Other Network Mins
5000 SMS)
Rs.285 *505#
Weekly All Network 2 GB +
(1000 Jazz Mins
60 Other Network Mins
1000 SMS)
Rs.192 *700#
Weekly Hybrid 500 MB +
(1000 Jazz Mins
20 Other Network Mins
1000 SMS)
Rs.115 *407#
Haftawaar Offer 1 GB DATA +
1000 Jazz Mins
50 Other Network Mins​
1000 SMS​
Rs.120 *747#
Weekly Youtube & Social ​5 GB DATA
for IMO, WhatsApp, YouTube & Facebook
Rs.89 *660#

Jazz is one of the most popular operators in Pakistan. Its affordable packages are quite popular, but it’s important to know that you get what you pay for.

Jazz Pakistan offers 4G LTE internet packages with unlimited internet calls to any network. Jazz has the Best 4G LTE Internet Packages in Pakistan. Jazz is one of the top leading 4G internet providers in Pakistan. Jazz’s all the internet plans are high-speed with high-quality.

If you travel to Pakistan for any reason, you will see one thing in common. That is internet access at your hotel or guesthouse. Almost all the hotels and guesthouses provide the necessary facilities to the guests. All you need to do is contact a 1st class hotel or a guesthouse and book a room for yourself.

Jazz offers super-fast internet speeds, reliable connectivity, data plans to meet all needs at highly competitive prices. Starting from our 10 Mbps plan, Jazz provides you with speeds up to 200 Mbps. We’ve got unlimited access plans to meet your needs. Jazz Broadband High Speed Internet Plans are designed to give you the best value in broadband in Pakistan.

Jazz is a mobile telecommunication brand of Pakistan Telecommunication (Pvt.) Limited (PTCL). It offers 3G, 4G LTE based services and internet packages to the people of Pakistan. Jazz is providing high-speed internet services at an affordable price with 3G, 4G LTE technology. It also provides extra data on each internet package. Jazz Pakistan, one of the leading telecom company of Pakistan, offers some of the best internet packages for home users. The internet packages are highly affordable and you can enjoy different benefits with these packages. These are some of the best internet packages that you can choose from.

Jazz is a cellular phone service provider in Pakistan offering prepaid and postpaid mobile voice and data communication services. Jazz operates in all major Pakistani cities including Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Hyderabad, Peshawar, Gujranwala, Sialkot and many others.

Jazz internet packages offer amazing value and offers something for anyone who’s looking to save money when browsing the web. Whether you’re a heavy internet user or someone who casually browses the web, there’s an option here to suit your needs.Jazz Pakistan is Pakistan’s first 3G network provider. It offers various internet packages to its users. This blog post contains the Jazz’s weekly internet packages for the year 2021.

Jazz is the #1 internet service provider in Pakistan with up to 50 Mbps download speed on its fiber broadband plans at affordable prices. Jazz offers its fiber broadband internet service on the brand name FTTB i.e Fiber to the Building which is also known as FTTH. Fiber offers super-fast broadband on the name of Jazz internet packages. Jazz Fiber Broadband is available in major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad Quetta & Peshawar at very low price rates.

Jazz Pakistan is a subsidiary of Jazz Telecom Pakistan. Jazz Pakistan was established in 2010 by Jazz Telecom. Jazz Pakistan provides broadband internet service to the customers in all over Pakistan. The company serves its customers through DSL, FTTH, WiFi, Dialup and EVDO technology under the brand name of Jazz Broadband.

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