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Kabul government has been gradually carrying out its municipal duties

The Kabul Meyer came to the press conference for the first time after his appointment and he talked about six major issues that is a reputation of the lands enough in Kabul and also the revenue of Kabul municipality. The cleansing issues and also those illegal construction in buildings are the major issues since last 20 years.


According to Kabul meyer they will all solve the issues and everything needs much more concentration because the judicial system is not yet normalized and after it’s normalized they will go after all those are involved in land grabbing or the observation in Kabul city. Also say the salaries of the oldest staff and employees of the Kabul municipality are paid. There is no problem Kabul municipality has been a very critical organization since last 20 years and there was also reports of corruption from the municipality and land distributions were not legal in most of the areas in buying and selling of the properties was. Which is also related to Kabul.


Municipality were also issues related to the municipality. According to them, they will solve all the issues and they are working on this besides. They encouraged the international and regional donors to invest in Kabul cities in the future and they said that’s what they are focusing on. Finally get the attention of those donors to come to Kabul because the security is much better now and the hurdles and the security walls will be removed soon as it’s already started.

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