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Kim Jong-un “Will never give up nuclear weapons” says North Korean military defector

Kim Jong-un will never give up his nuclear weapons according to a former senior officer in North Korea’s spy agency Colonel Kim Cook song who defected from North Korea. Says he was involved in targeted attacks and assassinations and even built an illegal drugs lab for the leader. He’s been speaking exclusively to our correspondent in Seoul.


One family has maintained a brutal grip on North Korea. But occasionally some slip through their grasp and reveal their secrets. North Korea’s intelligence agency is the eyes ears and brains of the supreme leader spent 30 years in Pyongyang’s spy agencies. He defected in 2014. But has now for the first time decided to speak out. There are many cases where he directed spies to go to South Korea on missions many cases. He claims Kim Jong-un gave an order to kill off one of the leader’s main critics. The target was this man Huang Jiang yup back in 2009. He was a high-profile defector in South Korea. It was a gift to demonstrate Kim Jong-un’s loyalty to his father. That’s why this act of terror was organized the attempt failed Pyongyang always denied. It was involved although some were caught along with all their kit. The colotnel claims agents infiltrated many areas of South Korean society including in the early 1990s the presidential office. This level of starvation is unprecedented that same decade as thousands of North Koreans starved in a disastrous famine. The Colonel said the cash-strapped leader ordered him to produce and sell illegal drugs.


While the Colonel’s account is impossible to verify it. Serves as a timely reminder that the young leader has proved to be an adept dictator with only one goal in mind.

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