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King Appointed Ismail Sabri Yaakob new prime minister of Malaysia


Malaysia the king has appointed Ismail Sabri as the new prime minister. the return of the long-ruling umno party he replaces yasin who resigned on monday yasin’s coalition fell apart over criticism that he mishandled the coronavirus pandemic sadly’s unknown party governed malaysia for six decades after independence but it lost power in 2021 because of a corruption scandal.

He’s got the support of 114 members of parliament out of 220 now ismail sabri being appointed as the prime minister of malaysia really puts umno in a much stronger position it was already part of government under the yasin administration and now this new alliance is essentially made up of the very same parties as the previous administration but will now be in the driver’s seat because Ismail Sabri is the vice president of umno.

Now this is a position that umno has gain and in fact it was umno that brought down the yasin administration when 15 mps from amnor decided that they would no longer support him but it was also made in yasin that allowed umna to come back into power via so-called the back door when yasin who was part of the ruling administration switched sides and aligned himself with umno.
in terms of the policies going forward with Ismail Sabri at the helm of the leadership analysts say they don’t expect much to change because Ismail Sabri was also part of the previous administration so the government’s handling of the pandemic or mismanagement because malaysia despite a state of emergency despite a lockdown has still been recording record high number of new infections and deaths.

it’s got one of the highest rates of coronavirus cases in the region these policies haven’t worked and it has created a lot of public anger but analysts don’t expect the policies to change because the government will remain much the same and we are expecting to see the same faces in cabinet as well now about an hour ago there was already about there were already about three nearly 350000 signatures in an online petition against Ismail Sabri being appointed as the prime minister so not sure how much this changes in terms of policy for malaysia in terms of the pandemic in terms of how it’s going to handle its economic recovery.

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