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Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan announce divorce After 15 years together

Divorce Announcement about Amir Khan and Kiran Rao

A Shockwave is currently going inside the bollywood industry as this popular bollywood actor has announced his divorce. Well we are talking about none other than mr perfectionist of bollywood amir khan yes amir khan who is married to producer kiran rao has announced his divorce today.
amir khan divorce to kiran khan

Well this bollywood actor and his wife has decided to end the 15 years of their marriage mutually this couple has shared a joint statement on social media to announce their separation which has shocked everyone. Their joint statement reads that how they have shared a lifetime in these 15 years and their relationship has only grown in trust respect and love. But now the duo has decided to begin a new chapter in their life  not at husband and wife but as co-parents and family. Tllhe statement also added that aamir khan and kiran rao has separated from each other some time ago in spite of living separately. The doer will nurture and raise their little son azad raukhan together.

The couple has planned their separation some time ago and has finally decided to come out publicly about their decision whereas kiran and amir khan will continue to work together in movies as producers and filmmakers. The duo co owned the pani foundation and they will remain the co-owners of it even after their divorce. During the shooting of lagaan amir khan first met kiran rao and the duo fell in love to marry. Kiran, amir khan got separated from his first wife rina datta with whom he had two children junaid and amir khan tied his nuptial knots with kiran rao in the year 2005 on 28 december. But now their blissful fairytale-like marriage has come to an end. But the reasons are still unknown.

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1 Comment

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