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La Palma volcano : 6,000 people evacuated as Lava nears sea

Unstoppable rivers of lava are edging toward the sea following a volcano eruption on the Spanish Island of La Palma. Around 6,000 people have been forced to flee their homes.


Experts are now warning of the dangers ahead for residents including earthquakes, acid rain and clouds of toxic gas generated when the molten lava hits the water an erupting volcano rumbles in the Spanish Island of La Palma from above its molten lava moves quickly spewing clouds of toxic gas and thick black smoke into the air. Homes, roads and crops destroyed as far as the eye can see on the hillsides residents in shock watch on as the lava and flames add closer to more densely populated areas. Thousands have been forced to pack up and leave. Over a hundred houses have been completely destroyed their residents. This is really frightening especially for the farming and la fishing depends on them.


A lot local authorities are warning the lava flows could threaten other areas. Emergency crews are working around the clock to help people retrieve their belongings and evacuate quickly. The truth is that it’s a tragedy to see people losing their properties. You shouldn’t take the earth for granted. Spain’s prime minister Pedro Sanchez says he’ll do what he can to help people rebuild and keep them safe. Your safety is guaranteed. We’ve deployed the state security and armed forces and they’re doing an extraordinary job for the peace of mind and safety of everyone. This is the Canary Islands first volcanic eruption on Land in 50 years. It was triggered by several earthquakes over the weekend as the molten lava nears the sea. Scientists fear it could create more explosions and toxic gas. The devastation will cost millions and for many of the residents forced to abandon their homes. It will take years to rebuild what was lost.

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1 Comment

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