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La Palma volcano : Fear of explosions and toxic gases

Scientists on the Spanish Island La Palma are monitoring the air for toxic gases being released as lava from the erupting volcano empties into the Atlantic.


The reaction is sending acidic vapor into the air. For now winds are carrying the gases out to sea. But Islanders the locals, They’re worried that situation could change the steaming lava makes for an impressive spectacle. But people are being warned to keep their distance since Wednesday night. Lava with a temperature of around 1,000 degrees celsius has been flowing into the sea. The good news is that the plumes of toxic gases created when molten lava hits salty water have so far been blown out to sea. But experts remain vigilant the gases will have to be monitored.


They have to bear in mind that each liter of sea water contains 35 grams of Sodium Chloride. So large quantities are now evaporating from the sea forming hydrochloric acid which is harmful for people’s health. A curfew therefore remains in place in several locations there’s growing concern because the wind that has so far been fanning the toxic steam out to sea has now weakened residents have been urged to stay indoors.

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1 Comment

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