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La Palma Volcano : More homes destroyed by lava

More than 300 homes have been destroyed on the Spanish Island of La Palma by a river of volcanic lava gradually making its way to the sea. Everyone was safely evacuated after the Island’s volcano began to erupt on Sunday. But they’ve been left to watch from a distance as their homes disappear. A mass of molten lava dangerously close to swallowing up village on the Spanish Island of La Palma up close formidable wall of burning rock. Towers over buildings threatening the lives and livelihoods.


People can’t do anything because they know that there’s more to come. They are not big franchises. They live off, the people who are losing everything if they lose others lose too. Thousands have been evacuated and Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez has assured them they will be safe. But with people’s homes and businesses up in flames. The need for basic items like food and clothing is growing. Hundreds of supermarkets companies and volunteers have banded together to try and fill the gap. There’s been an avalanche of solidarity from the people Of La Palma. But also from the rest of the Islands and from the mainland.


People haven’t stopped contacting wanting to know how to send donations fear that the lava whose temperature is more than 1,000 degrees Celsius might reach the sea causing explosions and spewing out clouds of toxic gas. Authorities are also warning that earthquakes, acid rain and volcanic ash could threaten the safety of local residents. The eruption could go on for months. But prime minister Sanchez has promised that the Spanish government will not rest until everything that was destroyed by the volcano is rebuilt.

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1 Comment

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