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Labenon crisis escalates as eesignated prime minister Hariri resigns

Is Lebanon Sinking Into Choas?

Lebanon’s prime minister designate has announced he is stepping down after failing to form a coalition government. The decision threatens to sink lebanon deeper into crisis the country remains without a government for nearly a year. The last one was forced to resign after the huge explosion at a beirut port last august.

Is Lebanon Sinking Into Choas? 
Image Credits : Aljazeera

Political squabbling has repeatedly obstructed efforts to form a government and sent the currency to unprecedented lows. Imported medicine and fuel are increasingly unaffordable. Government has failed why is this so hard? According to the designated or former prime minister now in an interview last night with a local tv channel.

He said that the reasons behind this failure due to first of all that the Lebanese president refused to take the cabinet. The cabinet line of 24 minister which considered hari by hari that it is for the best government or the best cabinet to do the reforms and to take the lebanon out of its crisis. Second that one the main obstacle that the the president and his son-in-law jibran basically the former minister of foreign affairs refused that hariri will name two of the christian ministers. Third that hezbollah.

He accused hezbollah hariri accused in his interview last night hezbollah that he didn’t put enough pressure to form the new government. So this is what announced by sadhari. But on the other hand, we have some other obstacles which is obvious that the current situation. The crisis in lebanon is so hard for anyone to take to handle it. So, it is a suicide mission so given the deep financial and economic crisis you mentioned the currency there.

The country urgently needs a government capable of acting. Let’s have a look at the challenges that Lebanon is facing right now anger is rising up in beirut. This time relatives of those killed in last year’s port explosion taking their protest to the courts demanding that immunity granted to senior politicians is lifted. So their loved ones can finally get justice.

We want the immunity to be lifted and to get justice and truth that’s all we want. We’re not asking for the impossible since that deadly day last summer Lebanon’s problems have only got worse long lines of cars at gas stations tell the story of a country running out of money unable to pay for fuel and forced to ration it and the people too are running low on hope. They killed us twice first and august 4th. The bomb in beirut second the economic crisis. We want to like become something in society but like the whole damn thing is like pushing us down is all the poor people.

How will they get money? How will they eat? So, many ladies with babies walking down the street. It’s very sad pharmacists are warning of medicine shortages as the state can’t afford to subsidize them. We are going on strike every week just to shed the light about the crisis because we don’t have enough quantity to serve the medications to the people. There is shortage in medication. Power cuts are a regular feature of life but now blackouts like this are growing ever. More frequent casting the city and the country into darkness.

Well our correspondent battle really is still with us in beirut. What are the most urgent reforms a new government has to tackle. According to the french initiative that all political parties agreed on first of all the electricity sector. The report said it’s going from bad to worse and now it can see cut it’s about 18 hours per day. Second it’s to implement capital control law due judicial reforms and to fight corruption. But none of this happened until this moment all none of not a single reform had occurred due to the political turmoils basel.

After the prime minister now stepped down what’s going to happen next politically. According to the lebanese constitution the libertarian president must ask for the parliamentary that nominate a new prime minister. But as well this is not an easy task. Forst of all as i mentioned before it’s an suicide mission. According to the political turmoil’s unability to do reforms and ability to act. According to the french initiative and to implement what has been demanded by the international community. So, it’s very hard to ask in this moment. We can say that the lebanese economy in its state of threefold and in moving forward a political chaos.

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