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Pakistan Remembers War Hero : Lalak Jan

Havaldar Lalak Jan

Pakistan is remembering Sergeant Lalak Jan on the 22nd anniversary of his martyrdom during the cargill war.
A tweet from the military’s media wing said Lalak Jan fortitude will inspire many generations of defenders hailing from Gilgit baltistan one of the 11 recipients of Nishan-E-Haider, Pakistan’s highest military award.

Havaldar Lalak Jan

©Havaldar Lalak Jan

He volunteered for the cargill war indian attacks and inflicted heavy losses on the enemy however he was terminally wounded while fighting fearlessly and embraced martyrdom on july 7 1999.
in the cargill operation they performed their duties beyond they went beyond the core of their duties and made us all proud it was their heroic action that repulsed repeated attack in waves by the indian army and inflicted very heavy casualties on them.
He was booted in that action and terminally then the empire expired or marched and praised martyrdom so he made all his regiment and in particular his battalion 12th.
We all appreciate the sacrifice of this soldier and he was awarded the highest military award the Greatest award of Pakistan.
Definitely it was a conflict and which became now a question of the questionable thing because of the response of our Political government and what transpired between Prime minister of pakistan and the president of the united states of america because he could not stand the pressure. This in fact was an operation which was executed in complete secrecy because in 1984 indian had violated the line of control and they had occupied the area observation in response to that the low cargill lake road that passes from there slightly the troops occupied that area and brought that strategic line of communication under control, Under fire but then politically of course there was a pressure from America for violation of line of control and our political leadership at that time Mr Nawaz could not stand the pressure rather than telling the president of the United states of america to put pressure on both the sides. India and Pakistan to observe the line of control sanctity of the line of control and they should withdraw back to pre-1984 position and coagulate in the area and we pull back and take up positions which were previously held.
But unfortunately he agreed for a unconditional retreat or vacation after position and all the sacrifices and heroic actions made by the men. Well unfortunately and they were not benefit, Pakistan did not benefit as a nation from all these sacrifices but nonetheless these people put up a brave fight and made them made them all proud.
And set an example which inspires all other soldiers and performers of duties whether online of control or on the international border. He Will be remembered in history of Pakistan.

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