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Lawa from La Palma volcano reaches Atlantic Ocean prompting fears of poisonous gas

Red-hot lava from a volcano on Spain’s LA Palma Island has entered the sea sending plumes of steam into the air.


The eruption has caused havock on the Island for the last nine days destroying houses and livelihoods. Spain’s government has declared the Island a disaster zone and will provide millions of Euros in aid to those affected after nine days of slow destruction. The lava from volcano Cumbre Bieca meets the Atlantic Ocean steam erupts from the water potentially sending clouds of toxic gases into the air.


Authorities are urging the public to stay away. Molten rock has been flowing down the volcano’s Western flank for over a week engulfing hundreds of houses and farms. Thousands of residents were evacuated. Some describe being awoken in the middle of the night and told to leave immediately. They nervously await news if their houses survived. The Spanish government has announced a multi-million Euro support package some of which will be used to build new homes. The people of Palma need immediate help. They are devastated by the lava flows on the Island. Many families have lost everything their homes, their jobs, their land, their agriculture.



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