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Lebanon crisis: Fuel Shortages increase

The coral oil one of the most important oil companies that’s been supplying petrol to lebanon since 1926 has just said it’s going to stop supplying its gas stations with fuel in lebanon.

This announcement from coral and in many ways this is not a surprise this is the culmination of a crisis that has been hitting lebanon for the past weeks but now it has really become at the stage where it the the worst moment in the economic crisis it the last the worst moment in the last two years given that had the beirut explosion last year but really imagine a situation where the only concern when you wake up is how much time is it going to take you to fill up your car and not some people have waited as much as six hours to fill up their car.
The first time since the crisis started in october 2019 that have a bread shortage and also hearing about a possible shortage of bottled water bottled mineral water in a country where cannot drink from mineral water.
lebanon’s political and economic crises which have lasted for a few years now and they’re culminating in all of these kind of catastrophic events.

Anybody at this point who has a real shot at leaving the country are actually taking a tough decision a tough emotional decision to leave many people have spent their lives abroad and then decided to come back and invest in their home country and are now facing difficult decisions to leave at the same time have people who have decided to stay in lebanon to live out to live out the crisis and to see what happens and to try to survive as much as possible with their loved ones and to try to make things better but really when get to such a situation human beings when faced with hunger their concern becomes finding food when faced with thirst their concern becomes finding water and when faced with insecurity the concern becomes with finding refuge.

The investigation of the report explosion and keeping pressure at the politicians and this is one thing that has remained despite all the crisis still that there is an ongoing public pressure maybe not the mass process that would expect but there’s still public pressure on politicians who are still will use the word harass but rightly harass in public places.

The worst economic crisis so at the same time where this disappointment and demotivation from the people we are seeing the most shameless and incompetent and criminal and corrupt behavior from lebanon’s political regime and all of them means all of them and of course some of them have a bit more especially today those who have an ability to rush the formation of the government. more than one year without a government and they are still fighting over who gets this number of ministers and who gets the most with everything.

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