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Lebanon forms new government amid new economic crisis : Same old same old?

Lebanon where after more than a year in Limbo the country has succeeded in forming a government.

The president brokered a deal after 13 months of squabbling among political factions. Now Lebanon’s richest man Telecom’s Tycoon Najib Mikati has been named prime minister and he is no stranger to the job. Najib Mikati visits Lebanon’s president to formalize the end of the political Limbo. The prime minister designate says :


“He hopes the new 24-member cabinet can bring stability to a country engulfed in economic crisis. We can all feel it the situation is very difficult and we all know this. But it is not impossible to deal with if we cooperate as Lebanese. We have to work hand in hand. Our team will work as one. So that we stop this collapse and stop the despair and we will work with hope and determination. The billionaire businessman was chosen to form a government back in July after others failed. He is familiar with the position having served as prime minister two times before and it is that familiarity that fuels skepticism in the Lebanese people.

I don’t think that this government will come with solutions because it came up with the same faces and mentality of those who. But the Lebanese people will not believe in them. Since we have a long experience with them. They are the ones who turned this country into ruins. A year without a government has been a heavy burden for the people of Lebanon. The currency has crashed leading to critical shortages of food, medicine and petrol. The situation is really really difficult. I have been waiting here for an hour and a half maybe. They will still have petrol by the time. It is my turn, maybe not.

The situation is unbearable. The previous government resigned after sustained public criticism following the beirut port explosion leading to the 13-month quest to form a new government. Parliamentary polls are due next year with many pitting their hopes on the ballot bringing in fresh blood. But others are doubtful of any results that would change the status.”

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1 Comment

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