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List of Free image hosting sites [2021]

While blog posts and articles are great, they don’t always hit the spot. Sometimes, when you want to share a short video or graphic with your social media audience, you need an image hosting site. But when it comes to finding a site that’s right for you, how do you decide? There are a plethora of options available on the Internet — but it can be difficult to choose from them. In this post, we’ll cover some of the best image hosting sites on the Internet today and what makes each one unique.

List Of Sites Providing Free Images Hosting Service

1. What are the best image hosting sites on the Internet?

There are a lot of good image hosting sites out there. I have been using Imgur for years and it’s been a great service. However, I just learned about a new site that I think is better than Imgur. If you’re looking for a good image hosting site, I would recommend you use
Yahoo’s Flickr is also a good choice, as is a large number of other sites that specialize only in images. Using these sites can alleviate a lot of the decision making you will have to make. So, before we get started on the sites, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each hosting site.
Good (NYC)
Pros Committed to giving customer support and free hosting Engineered specifically for artists
Normally $29/year Diverse selections of images and themes Screen shots to choose from at any time Seamless uploading process Cons Press releases can be difficult to publish
Require registration, payment and setup time Expensive for static images No customization
Can’t change copyright, social media or re-publish without paying
No control over viral spec
Yes, it’s pricey. While pressing release content generally won’t go viral, it may still bring traffic. Create a funny animated GIF with the popular “Tickle Me Elmo” image and press release sites still send visitors to your site. If you do have press releases that will work, then put them up on the site.
You can tell them to contain embedded images if they want to maximize your traffic.
Flickr is not that expensive and there isn’t much it can’t handle. Users can upload images, videos and folders. You do have to provide some commentary, so some users will want to use this feature. You can watch these short videos to get an idea of what the site lets users edit. And this is the only downside to Flickr. Users can not change copyright, re-publish or cite.

2. The advantages of using an image hosting site

In this article, I’ll share with you the reasons I chose Imgur over the other image hosting sites. First, Imgur is easy to use, and it doesn’t cost you anything to use it. Second, Imgur is the most popular image sharing site, so your images will get maximum exposure.Lastly, Imgur is 24/7/365 and very responsive.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to click through and make a purchase, I may earn a commission (at no additional cost to you) which will be served as thanks by making a purchase.
Why Choose Imgur Over Other Image Hosting Sites?
Top Imgur Features
Imgur has the largest share of an image hosting site, which currently stands at almost 30 percent. They’re also a very active site, and with the correct SEO strategy and optimization, you can make your images appear on images popular websites.
Imgur has been around for a long time, and there are a lot of features that make them more than a simple image hosting site. You can read more about the features that made Imgur a top choice over their competitors.
A Unique Identity
Imgur is sharing a non-standard image on a social media page. As a result, it looks very different from its many competitors.
Trustworthy Brand Reputation
Google+ has an image search feature, but many users don’t identify correct images and results. Twenty-four percent of global Internet users will look for and click on an image if it has an incorrect brand, so we want our images to show up correctly from the get-go.
Imgur is also trusted by over 150 million users, and that’s why they ranked first for “best underground network.”
Images are their bread and butter, so it’s a smart move for Imgur to have built a unique image sharing efforts. All of their images have been hand-picked by their team and feature minimal repetition.

Super Fast Service

Image hosting is something that’s important to many businesses, so they want it fast.
3. What kinds of files can you upload to an image hosting site?

You can upload pretty much any sort of file to an image hosting site, so long as it’s not too big. If you’re not sure how big your file is, take a look at the file’s properties before uploading it. Most image hosting sites will accept files that are under 100MB.
Distilled worked with a company called Evo in the buildout of their new website. One of Evo’s images shows the difference between a regular site (left) and a site which has been optimized for sharing (right).

While we don’t think minification is absolutely necessary, you may prefer to have these files available for people to view. Evo provides a service called which allows you to upload a file, and it will save the entire file to HTML. Most likely, you’ll also want the file to break up into an image, for easy sharing.
Image hosting is often much easier for sites that have a large network. Try the Laughing Squid image hosting site, which is only available to sites with an active website. As a general rule, the more traffic a site gets, the more quickly they can put up new site.

4. How do you determine which image hosting site is best for you?
When choosing an image hosting site to use, you have to consider the following things: 1) How many images will you be uploading? Some sites have limits to the number of images you can upload per month, so you have to consider how many photos you’re likely to upload in a month.Note: Teradata in its original form has never been used to limit an image’s size. 2)
How will you be storing the images?
After uploading several pictures to a host, you’ll have to decide how that information will be stored on the server. It’s a good idea to use a hosting site that uses a CDN to send data to your site so that your photos are stored locally on their servers. If you can afford it, avoid setting up an expensive hosting plan and host only on high-quality, secure servers so that all the information is kept safe.
Hosting services like Shutterstock and Shutterstock Pro are great places to start, as they offer a variety of hosting options, including large, commercial-scale hosting sites with unlimited uploads each month and regular updates. If you’re interested in a commercial solution, you may also want to look into Fastly. These companies take the image hosting industry by storm; however, as an intermediate user, you’ll want to give ImageBabel a look before purchasing a Fastly account.
Host Gzoogle is another great option for users who don’t have the budget for hosting. They’re a bit pricier, but their prices do include the ability to host up to 3,000 images at a time without having to worry about monthly bandwidth costing you a fortune. Kudzu also provides a fast, affordable solution for businesses, while Wistia is an emerging juggernaut in the hosting industry, serving millions of online videos.
Hostgator is another good option for website owners who are looking to host videos. On the lower-end plan, they do offer automatic video rotation, but you will have to configure additional settings including titles and upload filters to optimize your video upload.

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