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Malala Urges States to prioritize girls’ education

Nobel peace prize laureate Malala Yousafzai has urged countries to commit more funds to improve girls education in developing states.

Malala yousafzai virtually addressed a global education summit which was attended by world leaders on the heads of NGOS and international organizations. She said that educating girl is necessary for a stronger and fairer world. She added that girls education improves public health. Mitigates climate change improves peace and promotes economic growth.

We all know that the world is facing a girl’s education crisis. Nearly 130 million girls were out of school before the Covid-19 pandemic. Now 20 million more girls are at risk of dropping out because of it. Climate change is exacerbating the issue. Malala fund estimates that climate-related events will lead to at least 20 12.5 million more girls a year deprived from learning.

Malala also warned of the dangerous Covid-19 pandemic and climate change posed to girls education. The global partnership of education’s global summit with the funds target at 4 billion dollars. British foreign secretary dominic rapp said that if achieved it would see 40 million more girls getting 12 years education at school.

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