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Mexico city March turns violence as protesters clash with police

Violence has erupted on the streets of Mexico city after protesters clashed with Police. The demonstration was held to commemorate the 53rd anniversary of a massacre which saw student protesters mowed down by bullets as they called for democratic reforms a palpable expression of anger.

Massacre of student protesters descended into violence and though over 50 years have passed since the massacre. The demonstrators there don’t feel enough has changed the slogan of trial and punishment for those responsible for the massacre is still valid we’re here to demand justice and punishment for those responsible for the repression of October the 2nd response on October. The 2nd 1968 as mexico was gearing up for its first Olympic games. Students filled the streets calling for democratic reforms.


Security forces opened fire. The official death toll is between 30 and 40 that activists and witnesses say up to hundreds were killed for years. The government has been reluctant to investigate. But one member of the 1968 student movement said protests will not stop until those behind the massacre face justice. They won’t forget October, the 2nd and the struggle will continue. No matter who is in government. They will continue to denounce it. They are the voice of those who demand justice and they are the voice of those who have the right to tell the truth until the events of that day are officially acknowledged. The memory of the massacre will continue to haunt Mexico.

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