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Modi Govt admits it ‘ensured’ Pakistan remains on grey list

Modi govt ensured Pakistan is retained on FATF grey list, says Jaishankar

Islamabad has been drawing international attention over India’s global propaganda against Pakistan the EU, the sinful lab was a major proof of that.

Modi govt ensured Pakistan is retained on FATF grey list, says Jaishankar


We believe the international community and forums should react to this blatant admission of malice and propaganda by the Indian.
Foreign minister Pakistan has always been sensitizing the international community about india’s propaganda against Pakistan. Now the recent statement by the indian external affairs minister is actually a confession of politicizing FATF against Pakistan by india.

The indian statement we believe indicates Pakistan’s long standing position that india is playing a negative role within the framework of FATF.
Pakistan has always been highlighting to the international community that FATF which is a technical forum is being criticized by india now the indian external affairs minister’s statement we believe further corroborates our position on this pakistan has been exposing india’s negative role to the international community.
Also in the past and Pakistan will continue doing that in future also also Pakistan is considering approaching corroborates president for an appropriate action in this matter.

Pakistan has decided to approach the FATF resident in this regarding. India is currently the co-chair of the group that assesses Pakistan’s progress within the FATF now given india’s negative role and confession by the indian external affairs minister that they’ve been deliberately using this forum technical forum for their political goals.

A very strong case taking it up with the FATF and then also questioning india’s credentials for assessing Pakistan in as India is co-chair of the giant group and we also believe that the progress made by Pakistan on anti-money learning on counting financing for terrorism remain demonstrated by Pakistan through concrete and verifiable actions has been widely acknowledged by the international community and within the FATF also there is the wider acknowledgement and appreciation of Pakistan’s efforts.

Pakistan also resolved to sustain this momentum and trajectory and believe that these actions that Pakistan is taking it’s in Pakistan’s own interest and also this leads to Pakistan’s fulfillment of its international obligations and commitment.

More Pakistan will continue doing that but at the same time also continue exposing India’s own agenda within the FATF right also there is proof of india’s violations of the FATF code including a U.S treasury department study that shows india as one of the top countries that move money secretly through illegal means worldwide.

India’s role in the money laundering also and then a violation of global standards that also needs to be taken into account and india needs to be held accountable for that. As We are aware within the framework of FATF all countries are required to undergo an evaluation process and we believe that india must also be held accountable for its weaknesses within the anti-money laundering framework and accounting for financing terrorism.

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1 Comment

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