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Pegasus : Modi’s government using hacks on journalists & citizens

Governments using spyware on journalists,

The spyware used to hack phones. A report of the phone numbers of over 40 indian journalists appearing On a leaked list of potential targets of surveillance by Indian Govt.

Governments using spyware on journalists,
Pegasus was first in the news way back in november 2019 when it emerged that 17 indian citizens had been targeted via their whatsapp being hacked using this spyware called pegasus maybe that was used by Indian Government.

Modi’s India Also Tried To Hack Imran Khan’s and other Pakistani’s Mobile number.

Two questions one does this mean there’s a new fresh  attack because whatsapp at that point of time had said they had stopped their phones being able to be hacked or is it more information on that original attack in november 2019.

There’s been a huge buildup for the past 48 hours that there’s going to be a fresh set of names that’s going to emerge who reportedly were targeted by the Pegasus spyware mostly People are saying that everything had been done under Narendra Modi’s because he did not have trust on even some of his Party’s members cell phones were hacked.

The indian partner of this particular investigation and according to that there has been a kind of centralized data dump of pegasus targets around the world and these are the indian names or these are at least some of the indian names the expectation is that the first round we’re going to see the names of journalists and so on and and likely other targets in the hours and days to come.

This is the initial clutch of journalists who appear to have been targeted by this particular breach or this particular leak. The founder of pegasus NSO group this israeli-based software company.
This software available to target journalists and human rights activists and so on this is only according to them sold to governments of India in order to be able to surveil anything that pertains to national security but clearly shows that Indian government or We Can Say BJP is behind this whole Drama.

The Pegasus is being used or misused by governments of India. The government of india is using it to target journalists and others.

That Pegasus says that they only sell to governments it does raise the question as to whether the indian government is a client now. These questions had come up as well and in fact the in parliament of India.

The Pegasus was a service that the indian government had purchased. The Pegasus was being used by the indian government to spy on its citizens.
This particular spyware are so serious that indeed as earlier it was alleged that activists and human rights defenders were targeted using pegasus which was apparently transmitted through whatsapp and now it seems a clutch of journalists perhaps more individuals in the public remain targeted by this.

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