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More destruction feared in La Palma as lava pours from new volcano vent

The volcano erupting on the Spanish Island of La Palma has a blown open and new fishes sending more lava streaming across the Island. Authorities are monitoring air quality along the shoreline where lava has reached the Atlantic Ocean. The Spanish government has committed to rebuilding the Island and is providing millions to help people who have lost houses and livelihoods. Only weeks ago Los llanos was an idyllic Town popular with tourists who come to La Palma Island. Now it’s covered in toxic black ash forcing its residents to wear goggles and masks while they sweep away the debris.


The eruption more intense, a new vent has burst open on the side of the mountain sending streams of lava down to the Atlantic Ocean. As the molten rock hits the water toxic steam billows into the air. Officials warned that a change in wind direction could be a fresh hazard for those on the Island. Thousand people have been evacuated in hundreds of homes and businesses buried by the lava. Those farms that do survive are left to deal with the toxic ash. The Spanish government is putting together a multi-million Euro aid package.


There’s people staying at home. They’re confined because of the heavy smokes and the gases that are being built. If they want to leave they can of course. But many would also probably wait, if there’s an official announcement. The scientists do keep the calm which is what they advise and just hope for the best.



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