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Myanmar Police Defect to Anti-government militians as civil war

Myanmar Police Defect to Anti-government militians as civil war

These men are attacking myanmar’s police kilometers east of the capital napier. They’re part of the local branch of the so-called people’s defense force civilians. Who’ve taken up arms to fight to restore democracy they’re attacking the police because of their role in suppressing mass uprisings against the military coup. An officer for four years and the military overthrew the elected government on the 1st of february.

Myanmar Police Defect to Anti-government militians as civil war 


As myanmar heads towards a new civil war officers like john are coming under intense pressure to decide which side they’re on before. The coup john was a police officer in damoso in the kaya state foreign. 10 days later john made his decision. He was amongst the first group of 40 police officers to cross the line. It was the day after police killed the first protester. This is what john told the crowd. Since then john and the others have been on the run hiding in the jungle giving the bbc rare access to film their temporary camp.

If caught they could be executed or face long jail sentencesvor over time. More police officers have joined them there’s now more than 70 in their group. They live of what they can find and when it can reach them donated. Rice news from the outside world and contact with loved ones is very limited. If jon and the others stayed they could have found themselves targets. Some protesters like these mencbelieve taking up arms is now the only way to restore democracy. In this siege they captured the police station and burned it to the ground. This the fate of some of those on duty that day at least four other police officers were detained prisoners in a new civil war.

Myanmar Police Defect to Anti-government militians as civil war

Some of the officers in john’s group say they’re now prepared to turn their weapons against their former colleagues joining civilians fighting to remove the military from powe. As the violence intensifies john is calling on other police officers to defects but the people’s defense force have continued to launch sporadic attacks. In june a hand grenade was thrown into the back of this military truck in yangon. One police officer was killed and six soldiers were seriously injured. But this is a very uneven conflict the myanmar military remains firmly in control you.

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