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New York as the fashion house celebrated its 40th anniversary

In fashion luxury bland Carolina Herrera debuted its latest collection in Manhattan. New York as the fashion house celebrated its 40th anniversary.

 The high ceiling gallery of Salon 94’s latest outpost was set up at a 100 year old ballroom as it hosted. The latest collection of Herrera house, the show prominently featured elegant gowns elaborate sleeves and classic silhouettes. Singer Tinashe and actress Dove Cameron were among the celebrities in attendance. They were so excited about tonight for two reasons. One was that it’s the 40th anniversary of the amazing house of Herrera and the second is that they had to wait 18 months until they could do a runway show.

So they really excited and had a lot of ideas ready to make tonight’s special and they wanted tonight to be the clearest articulation of their Herrera woman over the last few seasons. The pandemic induced lockdowns forced the brand designers to focus on lower key fare. But in anticipation of a post-pandemic re-emergence they made a showcase of Herrera’s trademark sense of occasion. This season obviously because of Covid-19, We did a much more intimate presentation and that allowed them to choose a venue that was different from the normal ones. They have used in the past so they are in a historic town house.

That is now an art gallery for them. It was really an opportunity to acknowledge where they have been, where they are and where they are going and that is a brand that speaks to powerful glamorous fabulous women who recognize and appreciate the transformative power of getting dressed the new york fashion week runs through September 12.

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