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No work and No money : Afghan People settle into life under Taliban rule

Lifting off the Taliban’s new air force on board their fighters in the cockpit their former enemies pilots from the previous government. The fleet now under the Taliban’s control includes fighter planes originally donated by America.


Dozens of pilots fled abroad as the Taliban took over in fear of their lives taking their aircraft with them. These helicopters launched a lot of attacks against the Taliban. But as the group announced an amnesty others decided to stay on it’s never flown before you’re both sitting there very calmly. But do you recognize that it’s quite a strange situation for two people who were trying to kill each other. Now to be working together. Elsewhere the political transition is far less. Foreign reserves are frozen as the international community weighs up.


How to support Afghans but not the Taliban. Banks have restricted cash withdrawals. Second-hand markets have sprung up across the country. The war might have come to an end. But this is where you see that so many Afghans are living in now. Most of this market didn’t even exist a month ago. Now it’s full of people trying to sell whatever household possessions. They can just to put food on the table for their families. Most public sector employees weren’t even paid their salaries in the last months of the previous government. They have no idea when or if they will be paid again. People were still working but they didn’t get salary.

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