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Northern Cameroon under persistent threat from Boko Haram

The Nigeria-based insurgent group Boko Haram has widened its attacks into neighboring countries. One village in Northern Cameroon is now taking matters into its own hands by setting up a Vigilante group to protect families.


The way to northern cameroon is a region under persistent threat from Boko Haram. It is a routine daytime patrol in the village of Dublin. These Vigilante members are checking everyone entering the village even people they know. They want to prevent Boko Haram militants from attacking their village. These men are taking no chances the terror group has intensified attacks in Cameroon since the end of last year. They go after farmers and behead them in their own farmlands. People are killed for no reason. they kill grandfathers grandmothers just anyone even young people.


Boko Haram has killed thousands of civilians soldiers and Vigilante members in the nearby town of Mora. A senior government official is not willing to comment on the Vigilante activities. They says the army is determined to push back Boko around day and night. The security and defense forces are on alert that is why they are on the field and they are doing all. They can the results can be seen not even one inch of. The Territory has been occupied by the enemy and none will be occupied by Boko Haram. But the Vigilantes have already caught insurgents and suicide bombers sent by Boko Haram and this village has a history with Boko Haram when the Islamists first attacked Cameroon in 2014 and 2015. They killed dozens here.


This time, the village Vigilantes are determined to stop that from happening again. There are fewer job opportunities in Cameroon’s Northern regions poverty and lack of work is stressing the stability of the Vigilante groups. Some young people say they may not be able to continue protecting their villages. They are the ones protecting their village. They look after the security of their village yet. They don’t even have enough to eat, there are no jobs and there is nothing that brings in earnings activity trying to make ends meet. While working to secure the village just won’t work for now. The group is on waving. They have little faith that the army will be able to protect them. So, they have to make sure everyone is safe.

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