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Norway shifts left after elections : What does it mean for the world’s largest state fund

For these winners smiles come easy after eight years in the opposition. Norway’s labour party will now return to governing the country. They have waited and they have hoped and they have worked so hard and they can finally say they did it as the vote count progressed. Prime minister Erna Sulberg had to admit defeat.


The voters want another majority to govern Norway for the next four years. The conservatives work in government is over for now ahead of the vote. Many said they would cast their ballot for more climate action. Norway’s wealth is largely attributed to its rich oil reserves for them personally. The main issues for this election is the environment because it’s becoming more and more important. So they think that the politicians are to take responsibility and people have the same topic. The big questions in this campaign are the climate. What Norway as a country should be living off. The labour party is likely to form an alliance with the socialist left party at the center party in a left-leaning government. The results show that the percentage of women in parliament will rise to nearly 50 percent for the first time. Soon the five countries in the Nordic region will all be led by leftist governments.


This was a campaign dominated by climate change wasn’t it. It was a referendum on Norway’s oil industry. Norway is really a living paradox for climate change. It’s a country that has a reputation for being very progressive it basically is only selling electric vehicles. Now it has a lot of climate credentials, but at the same time it’s made all of its money. Basically from oil and it’s the largest oil exporter in Western Europe. It is a big exporter of natural gas. But it also wants to do more on climate and it’s in this election, in particular people were looking at things like the recent U.N climate report which said it’s a code red for humanity. They’re looking at all of the natural disasters.

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