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11 Pakistan best online Shopping websites

The online shoe market is growing bigger by the day. More and more people are ordering shoes online, and for good reason — it’s convenient! But there are a few things you need to know about buying shoes on the internet. For example, unlike an apparel purchase, your size in shoes isn’t always the same as your clothing size. Even worse, some brands use different sizing on their different lines of footwear. To help you ensure that your shoe-buying experience is a pleasant one, here are four tips for how to buy shoes online.

List 11 Of Best Pakistani Online Shopping 

    Online Shopping in Pakistan: Fashion, Electronics & Books.
    Online Shopping In Pakistan – Home Shopping
    Online Shopping in Pakistan 2021
  6. Dady.PK
    Shop in Karachi – Trusted Women’s Clothing Store.
    Online Fashion Store For Women’s, Men’s & Kids Clothing in Pakistan.
    Pakistani Clothes & Ladies Dresses 2021 Online
    Online Shopping in Pakistan |Mobiles, Fashion, Electronics.
    Online Shopping in Pakistan: Electronics, Computers, Smart.

1. How to buy shoes online with ease

Buying shoes online isn’t always easy. When you’re shopping online, you can’t try on the shoes, and you don’t get to see them in person. So you have to find a way to ensure that your shoes are going to fit well when you get them. How do you do that?
It’s important that you check how the shoes are put together and that you understand how the shoes will fit. What you’re looking for is a shoe that has enough room in the forefoot, midfoot and toe so it won’t cause any undue stress on your joints. Also, it’s important that the shoes don’t look baggy or boxy on your first experience. You want the shoes you’re buying to look nice and not something that you would throw on when you go out for a walk.
Factors that Affect the Fit of Shoes Online
There are some physical factors that determine if the shoe you’re looking at will fit well. The size of the shoe is determined by three different factors: the brand; the materials used to make the shoe; and the width of the toe box. The brand is like the brand name that comes on the side of each shoe, regardless of what line that shoe is in. The materials used for shoes are almost always made out of leather or a synthetic material. The wider the toe box, the better. A shoe with a wider toe box will accommodate more steps and could therefore cause less pain happening outdoors. Generally, a shoe with more room is a better fit.
You can’t change the materials used in a shoe once they’ve been made. Don’t worry about it, the shoes you buy will fit just the way you think they’ll.
Shoes that weren’t manufactured to the same standards as the competition has the most chance of being widely distributed by retailers online and at physical stores. So for example, the shoes made by UnderArmour could have a more unique fit than the shoe Michael Jordan wears.

2. Understand the different sizing in men’s versus women’s shoes

When you’re shopping for shoes for women, remember that women’s shoes are sized by the width of the foot, while men’s shoes are sized by the length of the foot. A woman wearing a size 6.5 women’s shoe has a much different foot than a man wearing a size 6.5 men’s shoe.As a general rule of thumb, women’s shoes are generally considered to have a “small” toe, while men’s shoes are generally considered to have a “wide” toe. Therefore, if you’re measuring your foot and the two sizes overlap by 2/3 of an inch, the shoes are probably too big for you. To find the perfect shoe size, it’s best to consult a professional if you have to go in-person for a fitting, or to try on the shoes in-store and secure a professional opinion on their fit.
Similarly, brands sometimes list two or more models that are termed “size” when they are really just one size larger than a typically-sized model. Speedo’s “female” and “male” sizes for example are 22 and 26.5, while GORE’s “male” sizes are 22 and 26.5. Often, a size larger than the size you wear in real life will feel right for you in a shoe. Because men’s shoes are typically higher in quality than women’s shoes, it can be time-consuming (if expensive) to find and test new styles of shoes. To help you find the perfect styles of men’s shoes, ask people your size or try on the shoes you see online.
Make sure to ask any sizing questions before purchasing or trying on the shoes. Don’t assume that because a brand has several sizes of a particular style of shoe, the same style will always fit everyone. Also don’t forget to take advantage of the sizing recommendations on the shoes.
You can also find sizing recommendations on individual shoes.

3. Know if you are buying from a reliable, well-known company

To avoid getting ripped off, it’s important to know whether the company you’re buying from is reliable and reputable. You can do this by checking out reviews on websites like Yelp and looking for ratings on sites like the Better Business Bureau.
To improve your confidence in selecting shoes, ask all of the following questions:
Is the brand name on the shoe box a complete match for the shoe?
Is the name on the shoe box a close match for the brand name on the shoe?
Does the company have a large quantity of shoes that you can view?
How many back orders are there on the shoe?
What is the warranty for shoes purchased on or after February 22, 2008?
All of these questions should lead you to a website that you feel confident will ship shoes to your doorstep in a timely manner and might even return them if your request is lost.
As you browse through the online shoe store websites, keep in mind these four tips for how to make sure your shoes stay in good working order:
Stay away from websites that have low returning rates.
Check out the company’s Inventory Profiles to see how long it takes to receive your products if you purchase shoes from their website.
Ensure shoes are delivered in a soft condition, and don’t forget to take any user-friendly notes — the more detailed your notes, the better your buying experience and potential return will be.
Questions to ask online shoe retail stores:
Does the company ship shoes worldwide?
Will shoes be returned, exchanged, or refunded?
What is the return policy for shoes purchased?

Return shipping information: Shoe manufacturers usually include a shipping fee with every purchase, regardless of whether the shoe is returned. Unfortunately, this shipping fee often adds up to quite a sum, even on very light purchases. If shoes are returned, the manufacturer usually sends a refund check directly to you.

4. Know what type of shoe/boot you are purchasing

When you’re shopping for boots, you have to think about what type of boot you’re looking for. There are ankle boots, knee-high boots, over-the-knee boots, and thigh-high boots. Ankle boots are great because they can be worn with a variety of outfits, from dresses to jeans.Their wide, rubber outsoles let you achieve a good amount of traction, and most are cross-train shoes because the footbed allows shoes with different flex levels.
If you’re looking for boot-related accessories, you’ll have a difficult time choosing shoes without determining the correct sizing. There are different shoe variances, from 4–12 inches in height, depending on the brand. The right size for any given shoe is based on your height, the width of the outsole, the heel-to-toe distance, and what cushioning material the shoe uses. That said, finding the right size is important. Shoe experts recommend measuring feet before and after adding 3–5 pounds of weight or about 8 and 12 ounces of clothing to the shoelaces, respectively. To learn more about shoe industry sizing, read What Size Should I Buy?
You don’t typically have to shell out a lot of money for shoes, but there are some shoes that I couldn’t afford even when I was a part-time sneaker athlete. Multiple times, I’ve had to shop around for the shoe that would work with my budget. Regardless of what it is that you’re looking for, most footwear stores offer free returns and exchanges, which you can take advantage of if your shoe fits differently from what you expected.
Crafting my own shoes can be a hassle. I’m not the most patient or creative person, so I sometimes struggle to come up with an ideal pair to pair with my outfit. However, many people can tailor shoes. I can’t so that I have the same pair with different colors. I have to choose from the color selections on the shoe aisle and check the color charts. This all makes the process of crafting a shoe a hassle.



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