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Pakistan Defence Day : Nation to pay Homage to martyrs who sacrificed their lives

On the 6th of September Pakistan along with Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan will observe defense day with full enthusiasm during the day.

The nation will pay homage to martyrs who sacrificed their lives defending the country. A list of events scheduled to celebrate defence day of Pakistan. The day of six September defence day of pakistan will be the activities of the day will be kicked off with the 31 gun salute in the capital and 21 gun salutes in the provincial capitals.


After that there will be a ceremony in all across Pakistan. There will be the flower rates will be sent over to all the tombs of Shuhadas the martyrs on behalf of Chief Of Army Staff Prime Minister and President of Pakistan and there are some other activities being planned in the twin cities as well.

We are having this information from the military quarters and from the spokesperson of military that there will be a special ceremony with that is going to be held at GHQ Rawalpindi to pay homage and to pay tribute to all the martyrs of Pakistan. They are being invited over there foreign dignitaries diplomats top military civil military officials including Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chief Of Army Staff will be there. There will be addresses to the nation as well from the Chief Of Army Staff and Prime Minister of Pakistan. We are also expecting some other special specifically designed activities to celebrate the day as defense of Pakistan.


So, we are having these two to three major activities in not just in the twin cities here. But across Pakistan there is always did. W are also having this news that the Chief Of Army Staff and both heads of Pakistan President and Prime Minister, They’ll be sending special messages to the nation to celebrate the day with all the zeal and with the confidence that Pakistan is in safe hands. We just received the text of those messages as well. But, it is embargoed.

Six september the nation is all set to celebrate sixth September day of defense of Pakistan. It will be always remembered as the defense day in the history of Pakistan.

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