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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has won the Azad Kashmir elections

PTI has defeated other parties in the elections to be held in Azad Kashmir

The bat has won this election by defeating the lion and the arrow. According to unconfirmed unofficial results, PTI has won 25 seats. PTI has won 25 out of 40 seats. The PTI has won a simple majority to form a government after winning 25 seats. It may be recalled that in the 2016 elections, PTI had won only two seats.

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But now if we look at 2021, PTI has won 25 seats. The Noon League had won 31 seats in the last election. But in the 2021 elections, the Noon League has won only five or six seats. The PPP said that we did not even keep our servants there. It was also said by him that Bilawal went on a tour of the United States and he did No campaigns were run. But according to the results, PTI has taken the field.

Allegations of fraud are being made even before the result. It was tweeted by Maryam Nawaz that the results have been stopped. Shahbaz Gill also reacted to this tweet. In the wake of the Azad Kashmir elections, looking at the ground realities yesterday, it was clear that the PTI was scattering and the Noon League would be able to save very few seats.

The Noon League graph had dropped significantly. There were two main reasons for this. One was his performance and the other was the PTI government in the federation. Its effects were bound to be felt in Azad Kashmir. It was a very peaceful election. But there have also been cases of violence in some cases.

Peaceful elections were held for 9 seats in the capital Muzaffarabad. Even before the election, it was being said that the PTI would form its own government. It is being said that PTI is number one and People’s Party The party is second and the Noon League is third. There are still nine seats left in which it is being said that PTI will win at least 5 seats.

Image : Editor Times

Election situation in Vehari

There were only 25 voters in Vehari. Out of which 21 voters cast their votes. Out of these 21 voters, 21 voters cast their votes. Only 21 out of 21 were cast for PTI. PTI representative Asif Sharif Butt was present here. The rest of the candidates did not get a single vote. In the 2018 elections, it was considered the stronghold of PTI. PTI has still formed the government in 2021. The result of the Vehari election came at 12 o’clock as all the voters had cast their votes before 12 o’clock. Noon League and PPP camp was not present here. Because they already knew that PTI would win here.

 Election situation in Larkana

The election situation in Larkana was very peaceful. over here The time was cast peacefully. A very unique polling station was set up in Larkana. There was only one voter in this polling station and she was a woman. There were 26 policemen at the polling station. The polling process started at 8 am and the polling station was closed at 5 pm. She was a voter and a woman. The woman did not vote. The voter’s home was locked and she was not at home.

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