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Papua New Guinea bans India flights in diplomatic spat over Covid breach

This dates back to a situation that was created in april when we saw that big delta outbreak in india png put a ban on travelers who’d been in india 21 days before from coming to png and that ban has largely remained in place so because of that india has been trying to work with Papua New Guinea on repatriation flights.


Papua New Guinea says it had rejected four and then under strict conditions accepted one that arrived recently now png’s national covert control center says they approved 42 passengers but they say that 107 ended up arriving they say some of them hadn’t had the didn’t have the negative test results that are required and that four of them have since tested positive so the national control center has put out a very strongly worded statement accusing the high commission of india and two airlines of deception and saying that it was a show of disrespect against Papua New Guinea has there been any response from the high commission they haven’t heard anything from the high commission yet.


This was quite a strongly worded letter they’re saying that that the high commission was involved in bringing in these unauthorized passengers they also have said that there’ll be no more repatriation flights and that kappa jet and garuda indonesia the two airlines will be prevented from entering png air airspace that quite some some strong terms and strong punishments from png so we expect we will see more as to whether there has been some sort of general confusion or misunderstanding if we’re going to hear that from the other parties involved or we will see any response to these claims that it was a deliberate deception of course it’s understandable because png has been battling delta for a while are official numbers reflecting what’s happening on the ground.


Covid19 have been an issue in png since the pandemic began and unfortunately we have seen test rates fall more in recent months so this is a real concern for people involved in the curved response here they’re trying to encourage more people to get tested so far have just 12 confirmed delta cases in the country some that were introduced some that were local however it’s widely thought that there are more than that because some of these are local cases and it’s not clear where the person contracted the delta variant from so that lends people to believe that there is more of this circulating in the community there are two areas of concern the town of madang where we’ve seen a nurse test positive and up in the western region around kyonga there’s been three positive delta cases there associated with the local mining site up.

There has been some pressure being felt on health services in kyongka there was a lot of vaccination hesitancy has the campaign to try and encourage people to come and get a job gathered momentum there hasn’t been a huge upsurge in vaccination rates unfortunately i think we’re around 100000 mark now of people had a vaccine around 25000.



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