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PK Sports Started on PAKSAT-1R with a new frequency 2021

PK Sports Started on a new tp on Paksat-1R

PK Sports is a new launched channel of Pakistan. PK Sports logo is like the logo of TEN Sports PAK. PK Sports telecasts cricket streams. It copies other channels like TEN Sports, Willow HD etc. It is not a Government channel. It is a local channel. It changes its frequency many times. A few days ago it was working on YAHSAT @52.5. A few months ago it was available on Apster7 76.5°. Now PK Sports is available on PAKSAT-1R. Its new tp, its satellite info and its frequency is given below.


PK Sports New TP on PAKSAT-1R 2021

Channel Name : PK SPORTS

Satellite Name : PAKSAT-1R

Direction : 38.0° East

Frequency : 3958

Polarity : Vertical

Symbol Rate : 6400

Video Quality : MPEG-2 HD (720)

FEC : NO Info

Encryption : No

Package : No

Replace on : Zindagi Music Seraiki

Status : FTA


You can tune this tp in your receiver or cable operators should tune this frequency and then can watch PK Sports on PAKSAT-1R. If you have already tuned this tp then you just play Zindagi Music Seraiki name channel and the you can watch PK Sports. If you have any question about PK Sports and having difficulty in tunning this tp then leave a comment. Our team will give you a better answer.

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