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PM Khan launches new mega projects in Gwadar Port

The historic visit Of Prime minister Imran khan to Quetta where he is not only going to visit gwadar there is going to be a groundbreaking offer 2200 acres phase two of where the free zone six new industries mousse for the gwadar city 1.2 million.imran khan Visit gwadar

Image Source: DailyPakistan

Prime minister had talked about different things export led growth to bridge our macroeconomic balance and urged local and international investors to invest in the special economic zones.
Prime minister visited gwadar what are going to be his activities well the main activity is that it is the groundbreaking, it was a groundbreaking ceremony of north free zone it is a second phase of free zone and it comprises 2200 acres and along besides it there are a few enterprises and factories there in our russian ceremony has been, there is a chemical fertilizer factory, gather animal vaccination factory, lubricant factory inauguration of water tissue plant and water Expo building.
Expo center these are the main activities other than these activities particularly the nine underdeveloped extreme underdeveloped promises of south the 600 billion package also promises up took briefing on the progress and development of that package and also  the treat chief minister Jam kamal in his speech he gave entire details of the socio-economic projects have been launched for the gather and also he shared the details of those projects which directly provides opportunities and facilities to the people of Gwadar like diesel plants, drinking water provision 180 kilometer pipeline for the for water supply and also electricity and number of projects he also mentioned also there are five projects in which are call active projects those are water and vocational training institute gwadar airport. Gwadar free zone water east bay express way and part china friendship hospital which is under bedded hospital so these are the main projects and also prime minister held meetings with officials diplomats and few tribal and political there.

The importance of gwadar of balochistan of china-pakistan economic corridor very historical and earth mark. Prime minister Imran khan the way he has visited south balochistan back in the past as well he has visited twice it’s very much important since it speaks volume about the completion of the phase one of the Cpec project the other port phase one which basically shows that the the completion of 60 acre of land. More than 46 companies have been registered to this governor port freeze on as per the chairman Cpac authority lieutenant general retired more than 1200 direct jobs were given to the local population besides that 12 000 in their jobs were given to the local people which to support the infrastructure activities and so many others.
Imran Khan said,” that we needed to attract international and local investors to these special economic zones”.

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