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PML-N attempting to ‘ask its direction into govt’: Bilawal

PML-N attempting to ‘ask its direction into govt’: Bilawal

Bilawal League’s mansion meeting Nawaz League equal tension. He said that we want to do the same and that too. Get rid of all the trouble together. He said he did not want a prime minister who prayed that Modi would win. They don’t even want to invite Modi to their wedding. Azad Kashmir will contest all parties in the elections. The cat will be chased away and so will the others. The Prime Minister of Pakistan cannot speak for Kashmir.

PML-N attempting to 'ask its direction into govt': Bilawal

Bilawal further said: Noon League is no longer the old Noon League. Votes will not be stolen. When will you pursue election theft? Nawaz Sharif Sharif will be silent neither Maryam Nawaz. They will sit on the highway and rebuke. The nation knows that Imran Khan robbed the people of their rights. Addressing the gathering, Bilawal Bhutto said: We want them to oppose. Let us also oppose and drive away the government of ongoing change. But we want them to be little lions. Don’t be like a cat and be like a lion. The cat runs away and the lion fights among his people. ”

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is the chairman of people’s party fasten in the PMLN what he called retreating from its before ‘do or die’ legislative issues and turning to the “governmental issues of asking”.

PML-N attempting to 'ask its direction into govt': Bilawal

Speaking at an election rally in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is pointing out that his political opponents have no qualms in trying to fall at the feet of the Kogos to win a government seat. If these couples have to hold someone’s foot to become prime minister, they will do so. The PPP chairman said that if his party ie PPP launches any no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan or Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar, then we will help him in this motion. Pointing to someone as a threat, he said, “But in the coming days, we will not be able to be part of any political party’s alliance to eat nahari or halwa.”

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