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Police take on anti-covid lockdown protesters in Berlin

Police in the German Capital Berlin have come up against anti-lockdown protesters.

Hundreds of people took part in marches in the city despite a court order banning such gatherings. Police in riot gear used pepper spray and physical force in an attempt to break up the demonstrations. They’ve also detained a number of people. The protests against coronavirus lockdowns in Germany have attracted a mix of groups including anti-vaccination activists conspiracy theorists.

In Berlin, the original protest was due to end. The situation here is very diverse. It has been tense throughout the day but. Unlike previous protests of this type there hasn’t been one centralized protest. If we across different districts of Berlin we’ll see pockets of protests there that the police have tried to disband. But in general, there hasn’t been that one very big protest. That maybe the organizers had expected right there at the heart of Berlin.

Over 2,000 police officers were on duty and that their main matter of concern, their main goal today was precisely to try and disband those protests or the groups of people who were actually coming there despite. The fact that these protests had been banned in advance out of concern for a possible increase in the number of coronavirus infections.

Also because police consider that many of the people who normally take part in these protests do not respect some of those coronavirus restrictions. Like wearing masks or observing social distance. What exactly are these people unhappy about. This is a very diverse group of people. One of their main issues is actually anti-coronavirus lockdown.

There’s also anti-vaxxers there. There are people who dislike science or normal medicine what unites them all and that is something that has been said on various studies and reports on. This is the fact that they are anti-establishment. They are anti for traditional parties, anti science, anti traditional media and that is something that has united all these people there.

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