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President Zi Jinping talks up plans for a ‘Green Economy’ in China

China is going green that is the message president Xi Jinping sent out on state television.

If true it would certainly help cool the planet and keep climate change in check China is before by far the world’s biggest polluter currently responsible for 27 percent of greenhouse gas emissions to compare this. The United States emits 11 while India and the countries of the European Union each emit just over six percent of global greenhouse gases.

China is of course has the world’s largest population. so, its per capita pollution comes out lower than the United States. But those numbers have been rising as well with devastating effects for the country dense smog regularly covers Shinghai and other big cities causing tens of thousands of deaths every year. Now president Xi says it’s now time to change course as he visited the country’s largest man-made forest Saihanba forest stretches much further than.

The eye can see covering 20,000 square kilometers. It is the world’s largest man-made forest and home to more than a thousand species of plants and hundreds of species of mammals, birds, fish and insects. The area used to be a barren desert known for sandstorms work on Saihanba started in 1962. When tree planters first moved in to cultivate the grounds work that continued for decades chinese president xi jinping knows how important the forest is on state media he promised more projects like it china needs to promote this spirit to better develop the country and the green economy as well as ecological civilization improving the environment and protecting it.

State television also showed she visiting a fire prevention tower inside Saihanba and learning about the monitoring systems installed there. As the world’s biggest polluter China has long been asked to change direction g’s current plan to reach net zero emissions for the country by 2060.

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