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Prize Bond

Prize Bond Schedule 2021 from January to December 2021

prizes bonds schedule 2021

1. What is a prize bond

A prize bond is a type of savings account where the bank gives you money for free. When you buy these, you are basically investing in them because they have an interest rate that pays back more than regular bonds. These are usually sold as Rs.100 to Rs.40,000 and can be cashed out at any time once they reach maturity.

You might be wondering what’s the catch? Well there isn’t one! Prize bonds offer great rewards to their holders and anyone who has some extra cash lying around should definitely invest in them if they want to make their money work harder for them.

2. Prize Bond Draw Schedule

Prize bond draws are coming up soon. This post will list the date, time and location of each draw for you to make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to win. We’ll also provide some tips on how to maximize your chances of winning by purchasing more than one ticket with every draw.

Prize Bond Schedule 2021 Draw:

Prizebond Draw No. Draw Date Day City
Rs. 15,000/- 85 4 January, 2021 Friday Muzaffarabad
Rs. 750/- 85 15 January, 2021 Friday Hyderabad
Rs. 7,500/- 85 1 February, 2021 Monday Lahore
Rs. 25,000/- 36 1 February, 2021 Monday N/A
Rs. 1,500/- 85 15 February, 2021 Monday Quetta
Rs. 100/- 33 15 February, 2021 Monday Karachi
Rs. 40,000/- 16 10 March, 2021 Wednesday Rawalpindi
Rs. 200/- 85 15 March, 2021 Monday Faisalabad
Rs. 15,000/- 86 1 April, 2021 Thursday Hyderabad
Rs. 750/- 86 15 April, 2021 Thursday Quetta
Rs. 7,500/- 86 3 May, 2021 Monday Rawalpindi
Rs. 25,000/- 37 3 May, 2021 Monday N/A
Rs. 100/- 34 17 May, 2021 Monday Multan
Rs. 1,500/- 86 17 May, 2021 Monday Karachi
Rs. 40,000/- 17 10 June, 2021 Thursday Muzaffarabad
Rs. 200/- 86 15 June, 2021 Tuesday Peshawar
Rs. 15,000/- 87 2 July, 2021 Friday Quetta
Rs. 750/- 87 15 July, 2021 Thursday Lahore
Rs. 25,000/- 38 2 August, 2021 Monday N/A
Rs. 7,500/- 87 2 August, 2021 Monday Karachi
Rs. 100/- 35 16 August, 2021 Monday Faisalabad
Rs. 1,500/- 87 16 August, 2021 Monday Multan
Rs. 40,000/- 18 10 September, 2021 Friday Peshawar
Rs. 200/- 87 15 September, 2021 Wednesday Muzaffarabad
Rs. 15,000/- 88 1 October, 2021 Friday Karachi
Rs. 750/- 88 15 October, 2021 Friday Rawalpindi
Rs. 25,000/- 39 1 October, 2021 Friday N/A
Rs. 7,500/- 88 1 November, 2021 Monday Multan
Rs. 1,500/- 88 15 November, 2021 Monday Faisalabad
Rs. 100/- 36 15 November, 2021 Monday Peshawar
Rs. 40,000/- 19 10 December, 2021 Friday Lahore
Rs. 200/- 88 15 December, 2021 Wednesday Hyderabad

schedule of prize bonds

3. How to buy a prize bond

If you have been thinking about buying a prize bond, this article is for you. Prize bonds are an investment where the money collected goes to help needy students in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan issues these bonds and they are available at banks all over the country. These prizes can be very helpful when it comes to saving up for something big or just getting by with some extra cash on hand! This article will tell you everything that you need to know about how to buy a prize bond so read on!

The tone of this blog post is friendly because it begins with “If you” which makes readers feel like they’re being spoken directly to rather than reading general information.

4. Prize Bond Redemption Process

Prize bonds are a bearer type of security with a nominal value of Rs. 100 each and can be redeemed in any branch of the State Bank of Pakistan where they have been purchased or deposited by the owner. Prize Bond holders have to follow certain steps in order to successfully redeem their prize bond which include:

  1. Visit your nearest SSP Branch and produce your original Prize Bond,
  2. You will then be given cash worth Rs.100 that was originally invested for you as well as interest accrued over the lifetime of the bond,
  3. The process is very simple and doesn’t require any documentation like other investment opportunities do!

The tone is friendly because it’s talking about how easy prize bonds are to redeem without much hassle involved.

6. FAQs about the prizes bonds schedule 2021

Are you wondering about what the prizes bonds schedule 2021 is? If so, we have got all of your FAQs answered here. We will talk about what it is and how it works, as well as who can buy them and why they are important. There’s a lot to know! But don’t worry- we’ll break down everything for you, so keep reading!

Audience: newbie investors blog post title: How To Get Started With Buying Bonds Blog Post Intro Paragraph: Are you completely new to investing but want to learn more? Are stocks just too intimidating for you right now? Do you not know where to start with buying bonds or do some research on them first before jumping in? Then this blog post is perfec.t Blog Post Body Paragraph 1: The first thing that you need to know about bonds is that they are always available to be bough. Yep, there’s no surprise waiting for you at the end of the sentence! Bonds are an investment opportunity here in Pakistan which means that you can buy them anytime and anywhere since they are so common.

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