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AJK Elections : PTI won AJK Election Polls

Pakistan’s ruling party pti has won the assad chamber in kashmir’s parliamentary elections.

In a press conference, chief election commissioner Abdul Rasheed Celeria said the pakistan tehrik-e-Insaf has won 25 out of 45 seats. He said pakistan’s people’s party has grabbed 11 seats followed by the pakistan muslim league nawaz 6. Celeria added that all jammu and kashmir muslim conference and german kashmir people’s party have taken one seat each.

Image : Geo TV

The ajk chief election commissioner said voter turnout remained 62 percent. Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan contacts people of kashmir over victory of his party. He said being an ambassador of kashmir he will continue to raise his voice on all international forums. Imra Khan said he will ensure that the international community must fulfill its commitment of self-determination to the people of occupied Kashmir.

Over 700 candidates contested for 33 seats in aj case legislative assembly and 12 reserve seats for kashmiri refugees settled in pakistan. Pakistan itself offered to the international community to the international observer and to all of the human rights commission in the world to come and visit pakistan through media. But on the other side of the indian occupied kashmir is a blackout. There’s no access to the basic human rights. There’s no access to the basic human freedom.

There’s a blackout so there will be always a comparison. The international community now acknowledges and they keep an eye on this. This total region that kashmiri in pakistan are far much better living in pakistan. Rather than into the comparison of the indian occupied kashmir. The world has witnessed the marked difference between the two sides of kashmir and yet they appear passive in their approach.

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